Feb 24, 2013

Review | MAC Stereo Rose

I have been seriously (!) semi-trying to hunt this down for years. The reason why I said "semi" is because every time I checked the ebay price ever since it's first launched in 2010 (ish?) I was like Who am I kidding? Nah, I don't need it for $50! I wanted it but have given up. So happy to see that M.A.C FINALLY brought it back in one of the latest collections. Me being me, cannot resist anymore after all these years of waiting despite the heftier price tag in Hong Kong (US$35).
Stereo Rose
"A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face."

When I first swatched it at the M.A.C store I thought it wouldn't work with my light (and not to mention yellow) skin tone. All the other reviews I read from other blogs / online said that this blusher would only work with a tan. It is orangy, metallic and SO nicely pigmented. Especially for those who with lighter skintone, you really need to go light hand with this in order to not look like a clown. It would look different but should work for all skintones.

Despite the blending it lasts an enormous time on the skin. It would look so gorgeous on when I am more tan in the summer to reflect the light and give a beautiful glow. Is it absolutely everyone's cup of tea and worth the hype? Not necessarily, however I don't have anything similar and is an amazing blush with great application.

Feb 17, 2013

Israel Trip Part 1 | Caesarea, Haifa, Arce, Basilica of Annunication, Tiberias

8 days of Israel. It was amazing. Idiotic me didn't know Israel was so green and safe. It is so rich in cultural. We hit up all the spots mentioned in the Bible. I am dividing the trip into probably 3 or 4 posts. Pictures contain Mediterranean coastal areas

Basilica of Annunication

Will need to do more organize more and post in a more logical format lol. But as for now please wikipedia all the places since they are too rich in history for me to explain in my non mother tongue wtf. Bye for now!

Feb 10, 2013

REVIEW | Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder with Real Cocoa

Came in as one of the Sephora Favorites In The Glow Set I got over Christmas, it was right up my alley. It's my first Too Faced product that not only smells like real cocoa, it goes on smoothly and is even more buildable than the trust-worthy Nars Laguna. It is perfect for my winter pale skintone.

To compare the other more popular matte bronzers
Benefit Hoola - darkest
Nars Laguna - medium
Too Face Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder - lighter

Any bronzer recommendations for paler skintone? :)
Im off to Israel for a week with the family for Chinese New Year. Next post will probably be a travel post. Hope you're having a wonderful CNY too if you celebrate!

Feb 3, 2013

REVIEW | NARS Pro-Prime Multi-Protect Primer SPF 30 Sunscreen / PA +++

Looking for a primer with sunscreen without the greasy white cast congested feeling on the skin? Nars Pro prime multi-protect primer is the way to go. If I can combine applying sunscreen + primer all at one go, heck, of course I'd go for that.
This primer is super light weight and super easy to blend. It does not leave any white cast or coverage on the skin. You still see my freckles and redness around my eyes and nose below. 

I actually dont think it holds makeup especially well per say, but its antioxidant properties do keep the foundation / bb cream looking fresh and vibrant! 

Best part? Its SPF 30 PA +++ without feeling any of that. 
See see? It's like applying nothing and transparent protection to the skin. 

The price point is quite hefty for 1oz (30ml) of product at US$34.
Yes I am still mad about how Nars shrinks their product sizes while bumping up the prices but if you think sunscreen in a primer is a absolute must like me yet hate the greasy feeling - this might possibly be the best choice! 
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