Apr 30, 2010

FOTD Orange No Shadow (Revoln Self Adhesive Lashes) Look

Hi Dolls! omg Sorry I have been so busy wrapping up the semester in the past week, didnt even have time to update. Today was a big day for me. Possible last day of class in my life! I also had an informal interview with the study abroad organization I want to work for. I was freaking out inside! nonetheless, I am back! didnt have a lot of time this week but still able to squeeze time to do this orange look yesterday. Its super simple. Clean Face, no eye shadows or liners, long lashes and orange lips!
*p.s. i meant to put the flower onto my hair but it kept falling haha

FOTD Orange No Shadows Look

Products used, literally (From left to right):
Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive lashes in 99501 Defining*
MAC Loose Power NC20
Shu Uemura Cream Eye Shadow in P Brown
Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream
Etude House Jelly Bar in 07 ( <3 )*
Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream
Benefit Hoola

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive lashes in 99501 Defining
Ok so first of I want to say the Revlon Fantasy Lengths lashes are pretty bad (esp compare to Asian brand lashes that use artificial hair) maybe they just arent meant for Asian eyes lol. They are wayy too long for my eyes, actually poke my eyelids.. but that might be because i have really flat eyes. In terms of the self adhesive part.. another disappointment.. it is so NOT sticky! lol what a waste of money. Thing is I have another pair in fantasy. oh my..

Etude House Jelly Bar in 07
Can I just say I love this jelly bar? I have had this for maybe 5 years? (... i know im not supposed to still use it) the name is all worn out and I didnt find out its by Etude until recently-_- they probably discontinued it awhile ago already since I didnt see it in their store when i was in seoul couple months ago. Regardless, it is still good! still super balmy and shinny and orangy! just love it!

k sorry my thoughts are all over the place. lack of sleep last past couple nights. gonna take a nap before heading out tonight wohoo! will probably do some editing later (i know my grammar lol) but until then.. take it easy :)

xo winnie

Hana SPC Natural Brown Lenses

Receive these Hana SPC Natural Brown lenses from pinkyparadise.com when I got home :D :D

I completely forgot I ordered these (-_-) 2 weeks ago perhaps? I personally rarely rarely wear circle lenses n I dont like lenses that have crazy enlarging effect BUT these are perfect! They are like 1mm larger than my irises so basically only the black part sits outside. The brown as you can see is tiny bit lighter then my eye color (the center) so the subdue color differentiation creates more depth to my eyes. They are pretty comfy. I dont feel anything in my eyes (unlike freshcon / one day acuvue) but of caz I would only wear them for couple hours max and probably only when I go out since they are still not as healthy as wearing regular contacts with higher oxygen permeability. I dont want to turn blind when I turn 30 :p

So if you have brown eyes like me and want just a tiny bit of a softer look, these will be a good choice! And when you order from pinkyparadise.com. they also come with an animal contact case. Mine are  yellow hippos which kinda match the lenses (which also matches my duckie and my yellow paper folders wth). freaking adorable! yeah yeah yeah i can wear them tonight, perfect timing!

AND OHH!! Thank you girls SO much for leaving comments on my last post! They meant A LOT to me! I am more confident with my fobby bangs now hehee n_n

Apr 24, 2010

New Mushroom Hair

When I was young it was like a MUST to cut your bangs across and leave the face area exposed as little as possible. It was so called trendy back then lol. Now when I think about it, it was definitely a fallacy. There are tons of girls out there with side bangs that are very pretty k. Thing is I have side bangs for awhile now so its time to go back (what kind of logic is that?) I was sick of my hair because it was super messy and contains lots and lots of split ends due to perming and dying over the years ><, so I went to Mie Higashimoto the other day and cut my bangs straight across like I used to do when I was younger. The hair salon in boston is as good as always. $75 is kinda pricey for a plain haircut, especially I really didnt get to cut that much of the hair off or change to a completely new style. But for the soothing hour and half, crazily relaxing massage, japanese magazines swamp.. its not that bad of a deal. the staff there are all Japanese and yes they are sooo nice and polite. Some of them don't speak english but my english isnt good either so we communicated fine lol. they kept telling me that i looked like Ueto Aye. At first I didnt know what they were talking about, meanwhile, one of the staff ran over to the other side of the salon and grabbed a magazine that has a cover of her. Japanese girls are just cute like that, no wonder everyone loves their culture. anyway i recognized 上戸 彩 on the magazine cover. They told me that shes in a lot of tv shows and is very popular in japan now.. good to know lol i wish i looked like her. she is adorable.

Back to the topic, I asked them to cut the bangs right above my eyes because some stylists just wouldnt listen and always cut more when you told them not to based on my past experience. Yes the bang is lil long and starting to poke my eyes. I dont know how long I can stand it for.. perhaps a week? We will see. But overall I really like it! Its like a mushroom / squid / helmet and i feel SO protected when putting my hair down lol. Here are the pictures with and without flash. Haha.

Apr 20, 2010

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey Review

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in 270 Steel Grey

Lasting Power:
I just put it on so I dont know yet
Very creamy and smooth
Pigmentation: Very good as well, 2 layers already give a opaque application

* I will come back with the lasting power later on.. I just got too excited to share this here

I always have my nails painted but I usually prefer light colors on my fingers, usually pale pink or nude. But recently I have been wanting a brownish taupe nail color, I was never able to find any OPIs nearby.. nowhere carries them near my school area. I never like buying nail polishes online because I cant really tell the differences and there are always overwhelmingly too many choices :(! so the other day I went to Target. They actually dont have a lot of choices but fortunately enough I found the perfect color from Rimmel :D:D Its not to dark, not too light and does not darken my yellow undertone skin. Besides its $1 off! It was orginally only around $4 and now its $3. yay! The only thing I dont like is the cap feels a little cheap.. It would squeak a lil when closing. But for $3., I am not going to complain :) The product itself is great and a nice alternative to try out before buying nicer and more expensive nail polishes like OPI, Essie or china glaze, Definitely!

So I am back with the review of the lasting power. I was actually little surprised because there is no chipping even after 3 days! (As a reference, opi usually chips on me after 4 days) The thing I really like about it is that the paint only recedes but wouldnt chip or crack (see picture below) Im more than impressed and thinking purchasing more from this line.

I had to remove the color and to change to a lighter color becaz I am so NOT used to having darker shades on my finger nails.  And the sticker is falling off lol -_-

Apr 19, 2010

SPEED.. say what?

ha im so random with my blog but today was a really meaningful day for me to commemorate. I am so dated i JUST found out today that SPEED had decided for a comeback! to people who have known me for years would probably know that I am a BIG BIG fan of them. I am so happy to find out they are going to continue singing and performing. They are always the best and always get my heart.

For those of you who dont know.. SPEED is a female vocal/dance group from Okinawa. They were not only big in Japan but also the rest of Asia. They were disbanded in 2000 but now they are BACK!!

So today I relistened to a lot of their songs, both new and old. I used to listen to them like everyday when I was back in primary school and high school. oh my gosh, a lot of touching moments. I thought there werent going to be any new songs coming out but now there are.. no words i can use to compare my long lost feeling with.. from 1996-2010, thats a long time. ahhh

Another surprise came from knowing Eriko already has a son that is 4 years old. It is very upsetting yet touching to see her interaction with her son who has hearing problems. (tears down ><) Being a singer whos acrostically talented at the same time learning sign language for her son.. it must have been tough. she is a good, positive mom and a brilliant singer. I give her respect in a lot of ways and even love her more.

Enough said, I am already addicted to their new song - Growing sunflower. They are the best singers and dancers all together. Best Best Best girls group ever. I love them wholeheartedly <3<3 their extremely Gorgeous in the new mv. My fav is still Takako and Eriko. Takako is SOOO pretty, yet Eriko has the best haircut of hers in years and the most beautiful voice. 

definitely check them out :D im sure you will fall in love with them like me ha

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