Apr 30, 2010

FOTD Orange No Shadow (Revoln Self Adhesive Lashes) Look

Hi Dolls! omg Sorry I have been so busy wrapping up the semester in the past week, didnt even have time to update. Today was a big day for me. Possible last day of class in my life! I also had an informal interview with the study abroad organization I want to work for. I was freaking out inside! nonetheless, I am back! didnt have a lot of time this week but still able to squeeze time to do this orange look yesterday. Its super simple. Clean Face, no eye shadows or liners, long lashes and orange lips!
*p.s. i meant to put the flower onto my hair but it kept falling haha

FOTD Orange No Shadows Look

Products used, literally (From left to right):
Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive lashes in 99501 Defining*
MAC Loose Power NC20
Shu Uemura Cream Eye Shadow in P Brown
Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream
Etude House Jelly Bar in 07 ( <3 )*
Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream
Benefit Hoola

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive lashes in 99501 Defining
Ok so first of I want to say the Revlon Fantasy Lengths lashes are pretty bad (esp compare to Asian brand lashes that use artificial hair) maybe they just arent meant for Asian eyes lol. They are wayy too long for my eyes, actually poke my eyelids.. but that might be because i have really flat eyes. In terms of the self adhesive part.. another disappointment.. it is so NOT sticky! lol what a waste of money. Thing is I have another pair in fantasy. oh my..

Etude House Jelly Bar in 07
Can I just say I love this jelly bar? I have had this for maybe 5 years? (... i know im not supposed to still use it) the name is all worn out and I didnt find out its by Etude until recently-_- they probably discontinued it awhile ago already since I didnt see it in their store when i was in seoul couple months ago. Regardless, it is still good! still super balmy and shinny and orangy! just love it!

k sorry my thoughts are all over the place. lack of sleep last past couple nights. gonna take a nap before heading out tonight wohoo! will probably do some editing later (i know my grammar lol) but until then.. take it easy :)

xo winnie


  1. I really like your blog, you are so pretty.

  2. i love how you braided your bangs like that :) so cute! Hope everything went well with your interview!

  3. youre soooocute!!may i ask u if the bb cream has any color on it?


  4. Lookin' so fresh & pretty, hun! =)

  5. You are so pretty!! :) I love the look so much! :D

  6. @Reneerx: Thanks your super pretty!
    @edwina: Thanks a lot! the interview went well! I was sooo nervious tho ha
    @vivu: the bb cream has a pretty high coverage, you can see more details here :) http://sunkissess.blogspot.com/2010/04/skinfood-mushroom-multi-care-bb-cream.html
    @glitteryeyesxx: Thanks sweetie!
    @rainy days and lattes: thank you. your very pretty urself :D
    @Jenny: yes haa very quick too!
    @erica ayako: Thanks! but they suck lolz

  7. hola winnie,
    thanks for reading myblog ~~hugss
    wow your compilation of FOTD is soo fresh!
    wht's the color of your room? sweeeet

    ahh i miss playin with falsie lashie...
    lost the technique somehow :(

    luv ur apples!cheeks


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