Jul 29, 2012

June & July Current Summer Favourites

Today is another day of totally not in the mood to put together a lengthy review on a certain product, lets just briefly talk about what I have been loving lately. 7 items - some oldies, some new stuff, not a whole long of list. Keeping it short and simple.
1 | Escada Island KissIt contains Orange, Passion Flower, Mango, Magnolia, Sunny Accord, White Peach, Hibiscus, Blond Woods, Musky Notes, Red Fruits... the list goes on. As you can imagine, Escada Island Kiss is of one of the sweetest perfume you could possibly imagine in a light and delightful way. It was also the very 1st perfume I owned ever since high school. Though I prefer the old packaging, I always keep a bottle of this to use during summer days and nights.

2 | Hera HD Foundation in no.21
A proper review will come after. Finally have time to give this foundation a go after receiving it for quite some time now, I adore the jelly consistency of this foundation. Easy to blend, medium yet buildable coverage for a dewy finish. It is also quite good at keeping the oil under control.
Featured in both Cathy cookieyuri's Monthly Favourite video HERE and Rae raeviewer's HG Top 5 Liquid Foundation video HERE
3 | Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Reef (left) What is better to put on some coral lipgloss on a beachy breezy kind of day? The coral color matches a lot of the brighter tone of colors I wear during this time of year and instantly brightens up my complexion. The jelly consistency plumps up the lips too.
4 | Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart (right)There are several ways to use this lippie. With a full application, it provides full opacity like the OCC Lip Tar, or MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme. It however, of which is also the way I perfer during the day time, can also be applied alternatively with a light hand to blend the color with the lightest amount. It almost makes my lips nylon. 
5 | Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara
A proper review has to come later. This is of one of the most fiber-licious mascaras in the Majorlica Majorca line. It volumizes the lashes like crazy and is waterproof! One thing to keep in mind is that since it puts on so much volume of fiber to the lashes, it holds off better to build a light curled base first then to build up the volume using this mascara.

6 | Nars Orgasm
Yes you already know, full review HERE, one of my favourite blushes of all time. The peachy pink tone instantly brightens up the complexion and gives the skin a nice glow.

7 | Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance
Personally not  huge fan of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (anymore) or foundation primer, not sure  the reason why I was drawn again to this primer. I just love the sheen when I swatched it at a Sephora and decided to give their base makeup another go. It turns out that I love it so much. I would not wear this primer alone because it will make me look like a reflective disco ball. You don't really see the sheen under any foundation or bb cream, whereas it gives a healthy sheen and makes the makeup last so much longer. 

Jul 22, 2012

Review | Bioderma Crealine H2O Micellaire Solution

It seems that the last time I did a makeup remover related review was such long time ago. Well, I guess my routine hasn't changed much for pretty much ages since I started using the Clarisonic Mia. I have saved so much on make up removal products, and still constantly using the Face Shop Pomegranate Fine Foam Cleanser and Biore Perfect Cleansing Oil

Bioderma Sensibo H20 Micellaire Solution (also know as the most raved about Bioderma Crealine) is nowhere near a deep cleanse product. You could soak it onto your eyes for awhile to remove heavier makeup but I mainly use it doe 2 things - 

1 | with a cotton pad to remove my base makeup before using an actual cleanser with the Clarisonic Mia. 
2 | quickly clean up the skin in the morning prior to putting makeup on. 

*The Lioele cotton pads suck by the way. I am just trying to use them up. Just thought you might wanna know.
It is clear, doesn't have a strong scent and gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Do you use any similar products in your cleansing routine?

Jul 15, 2012

Review | Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Function BB Cream

As summer is already here lazy asses like me are of course always on the hunt for sunscreen, waterproof, anti-aging, skin brightening, etc etc basically products that are million-in-one to finish everything in one step. I have owned this for more than 2 months now and figured the testing period is long enough for a review.

I have been eye-ing on this SPF 50+ PA+++ BB Cream for quite some time now. It calms to have all the good stuff aka Vitamin A-Z,

"Upgraded Sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection SPF50. Strengthen's skin NMF and maintain balanced skin condition. Osmopur-N and Vital-V Complex soothe and protect skin from various harmful environments to make a moisturized, healthy skin."

The only reason it set me off from purchasing was that I still have so many products I need to use up first (Hello, Giorgio Armani Designer Lift, Revlon Age Defying, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua etc...) But as a BB Cream lover, this Triple Action BB Cream stands out to me with its good reviews despite its crazy sunscreen. How can I help myself :)?
Review |

1 | Color: First off, this Triple Action BB Cream doesn't have the grey tone that a lot of BB Cream has. Over time the brightness slightly disappears, making the skin looks even more natural.  It is also a medium to dewy finish which I personally love. It however only provides 1 shade and it is definitely too light for me. I am about MAC NC25 at the moment.

2 | Coverage / Pigmentation: Solid medium coverage. Since the SPF 50 sunscreen ingredients can leave obvious marks and some serious rubbing is needed for this BB Cream regardless if to use your fingers or foundation brush. I like to REALLY sheer it out by using my fingers to blend it in into the primer and/or moisturizer to still give a medium coverage. The first couple times I tried applying it just like other BB Cream and though I really like the overall finish, the BB Cream sinks in around the pore area so close up it looks really disgusting. 

3 | Texture: Rather thick. It is definitely the most condensed BB Cream I have tried. The application as mentioned above needs some serious buffing. When on, it gives the illusion of very good skin.

4 | Lasting + Oil Control: On average it lasts about 5 to 6 hours which I am impressed. In the oil control department however, this BB Cream is not the greatest. I have combination skin, and the oil on my T-zone mixed with this BB Cream really makes me look like a grease ball if I don blot after 4 hours. 

5 | Price: $12.99 from Amazon, I got it from Colormix for about the same price. For this amount of product and how little is needed per application, this is a great deal in my opinion.

With a light layer of Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Function BB Cream, eye brows and thin eyeliner on -

*Sorry for my very swollen face. It was after the Beer Festival last night and 4 hours of sleep. I did not put concealer on for you to see the coverage under the eyes. My dark circles still shine through wtf.

Overall it got a B+ in my book. The texture is not the best but it really isnt bad considering how much sunscreen it provides. Is is best for the days where I am just running around town for few hours to run some errands. I will be sure to get a lot of use out of this the rest of this summer.

Hope you find this helpful!

Jul 8, 2012

New Hair Color | Liese Bubble Color in Cassis Berry Review

If you have been a reader of my blog for awhile. You would know that Liese hair bubble dye has been my to-go self hair dye products for a few years and has never given me any disappointments. Its reliable, affordable and easy to control unlike gel or any other forms of hair dye of which I always made a hell of mess out off of. 

I decided to try out Cassis Berry because similar to Sweet Pink HERE, it belongs to the Pink / Red Brown Series. You can check out the full color range from the official Liese website HERE or my review on Glossy Brown HERE and Mocha Orange HERE.

Everything that comes in the box. Instructions, after-dye leave in conditioner, hair dye color, dying chemical, pump and gloves.
The manual is very easy to use. The box I got from Hong Kong has English on one side and Chinese on the other. Not only it guides you through the process, it also provides an example of how you test to see if you are allergic to the hair dye using a small area of skin.
A few goodies for dying hair (optional)
| Vasaline

Since some of the area like back of the neck or behind the ears are hard to be seen, it is always easy to mistakenly drop the hair dye on without knowing. Spreading a few thick layers of vasaline all around the headline can prevent hair dye by sinking into the skin too quickly, and is easy to remove since you'd be washing your hair anyway when washing the dye off.
| Plastic Wide Tooth Comb
It is also a great tool for any form of hair dye. It helps blend the color into any strands of hair evenly. It is also easy to clean.

One thing to keep in mind not to VIOLENTLY shake the bottle, all it needs is to SLIGHTLY tilt it up and down. 
I usually like to apply the foam from the bottom of my hair. Make sure they are all soap evenly by squeezing and slightly padding the foam in. I then start curl up the hair to the skull. Due to the amount of heat that our skulls will deliver slowly from the roots, the foam should be applied later as the heat lets the chemicals penetrate faster.

Procedures |
  1. Pour the hair dye in
  2. Put the pump cab on
  3. Turn the bottle up and down (do not shake!)
  4. Squeeze out the bubbles

Of course, as of my other posts, if you're super lazy to find out how its done, feel free to watch this video. Demo for Mocha Orange, same procedures, just different color.

Result after 30 mins?
Result after 30 mins?
As you can see, Cassis Berry is a glamourous pink with a touch of brown. On my medium brown color, it shows up more pink than red. I'd say the color comes really close to the color chart from above! The thing I like about all Liese colors is that though they are vibrant, none are over the top bright, and are all very wearable. 
I find the colors might not last as long as if got it done at a salon, but affordable, easy to use, enough to use (I always always only need 1 box for my mega long hair - even when it was 10 inches longer than above).  

Where to buy?
If you live in Hong Kong / Asia, all Kao Liese Bubble hair dye are on promotions for US$10, and on top there is another 25%off if you buy two boxes. Cute color ranges too dont you think?
If you live in the US or am an active Amazon user (like me!), you can also purchase this bubble dye for $15.99 with $2.99 shipping.

Hope you find it helpful! Life has been hectic and Im only able to keep up with twitter and instagram (Both at @winnietsuii). So don't forget to follow me :) Byeee have a marvelous weekend!
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