Apr 8, 2011

New Hair Color | Kao Liese Bubble Color in Mocha Orange Review

Not too long ago I had my review on the Kao Prettia Hair Dye in Glossy Brown. Can any gurus tell me what is the difference between Prettia and Liese? Everything came within is exactly the same (and I didn't even notice they have different names until I started taking pictures for this post-_-)

This is my 3rd box of bubble dye. I have skipped doing the review on the one called Marshmallow Brown. Pretty much similar to the previous review, I chose Mocha Orange this time praying that my hair would not turn out as orange as the model's hair on the box - I aimed to bring out the warmer brown tones of my hair for welcoming this spring and summer!

Easy steps)

Curious of how I do it?

with and sans flash pictures:
Viola! Without & with flash
(bright orangy brown color... SO PRETTY! with my heart shaped face, literally lol)
After 2 weeks
(please ignore my face-_-)

To sum up:
((Perfect for newbies like me!))
True to color
Super easy to apply
Evenly coated without much skills
Fun to use

Not readily available 

So these pictures are taken 2 weeks so as you can see the color is already a little worn off :( but I am still really happy with the result. At first I was a little skeptical about the ORANGE-ness but thank god it only brings out the warm brown tone of my hair. Perhaps this it my 3rd time using this bubble dye, my hair seems to be used to the damage from the dye. My hair was rather duller after last dye but this time it does not occur to me as a problem :) I love it! 

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