Apr 16, 2011

Remington Sleek and Curl Styler Review

Some of you have asked about what I do with my hair to keep it shiny and easy to manage. Sorry, but you might have asked the worst person on earth in terms of haircare. I really dont do anything to my hair besides washing and conditioning it.

Until recently (my hair is getting super long and I am still too lazy to get it cut because it will destroy some aspects of FengShui wtf), I have no choice but to start looking out for solutions since I want to keep my long hair to maintain my femininity, at least on the outside.

I have discovered that straightening my hair helps avoid my long hair from getting tangled. It also provides a layer of shininess. But I do not do it on a daily basis and greedy me also wants a curler. I stumbled upon this 2 in 1 straightener + curler on amazon and it seems to get pretty good reviews on it. I went to check it out at ulta (where they have them on display so you can get a sense of it on your hands) and fell in love with it <3

Love the look of it!
Digital setting with buttons on the side
360" swivel cord
Digital blue lit display with bars indicating the temperature
Rounded end plates make straightening and curling easy

What I love about it:
- The look of the black pink combination
- Light weight
- Very well made
- Curled plates on both ends to make curling easy
- Digital display with bars indicating the temperature
- Precise temperature settings
- Blue lit display stops blinking when ready to use
- Heat up and ready to be used within 15 seconds

- Hinge lock
- 360" swivel cord 

- Auto turnoff
- Cheap ($35)
- Comes with an instructional DVD with brief demos
- Leave my hair smooth to the touch

What I don't like about it:
- Hair gets trapped sometimes between the gap of the plate and handle
- Has to push really hard sometimes when using the hinge lock
- Gets real hot sometimes might burn your assisting hand when pulling hair

More details in the video:

Overall I love it. It's a great product and is definitely much better of an investment than the Cortex Flat Iron Duo I had a review on awhile back. I have tested out my friend's Chi (the one that doesn't have temperature settings) but wasn't impressed by it. You get much more for this price. I really appreciate how much effort Remington has put into this tool.

Buy it here, or $29.77 from Amazon with Free Shipping using the link below.

Do you straight or curl your hair? How often do you do it and what do you use?

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