May 30, 2010

Let me be your summer fairy ~* Shu Uemura Palette Fleur de Source

Summer is here! Are you just as lazy as me?
Chilling in the bed and watching dvds,
Thinking what I can offer the world and imagine a heaven steed soaring across the skies.

so called 天馬行空。

Let me be your summer fairy,
Let me make your dreams come true.
Let me introduce you..

Shu Uemura Palette Fleur de Source

Shu Uemura isnt only popular for his lash curlers. His other products are just as great, uv base, blush, concealer, cleansing oil, nail name it. Being introduced relatively late to the US market, Shu Uemura has been very popular in Asia for years. One random day, I bought my first pair of tweezers in my life from Shu. After 8 years of disappearing from time to time, its still next to me right now. Surprised uh? Even their tweezers are superb. This shadow palette isnt anything new either. It was actually bought three summers ago yet I rarely use it caz its too colorful for daily use. Its still my fav, extremely pigmented, extremely smooth, perfect for a summer dream <3

FOTD using the palette

The blues dont really show in these pictures. I was going to list the products I used but guess its not going to be helpful caz of the picture quality uh :( .
5 stars for my squared face attempt
...and Creeper Alert!!

Isnt this palette beautiful and summery?
I was very hesitated to buy it (i know myself too well, and proof: it is still almost brand new after 3 years today-_-) but was told the palette can be reused, as I am looking for these days - just to be green. sighh i dont even know when i will finish these 7 colors haha probably never :P

What are your summer colors?

May 29, 2010

Blog Love Award

Another Blog Award from Edwina. She is such a sweetheart. She has been the greatest support ever since I started blogging here last month. I am super thankful to have her as my blogger friend. Go check her blog out HERE!

The rules of this tag is that you have to make your own award icon and post the icon of whoever tagged you, so each time there's a new unique picture

And here is mine TADAA

As always, Im nominating you, my besties!

I have never imagined having such wonderful experience blogging here. These people are truly amazing and unique :) Im running out of words to praise you girls as you can probably tell. So, have fun customizing your love awards and passing the love!

Have a great weekend, get as much as sun as possible!

May 27, 2010

White french nails. Easy and Classy.

Love painting my own nails instead of going to a nail salon and paying $25 for a french manicure. Dont mind whacking on anything with my fingers... can always paint over the chippings.

White french nails. Easy and Classy.
products used: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 4860-21 White On + Strengthening Topcoat

Wanna come over for a BBQ?  n_n

May 26, 2010

Mac Melba

Have been longing for a pink blush for the longest time! Finally went to the mac store yesterday to pick out a pink-ish blush. <3<3

In order not to judge the product by its name after reading/hearing many others' reviews, I just chose the color I wanted the most only based on how it looks. I first picked out a baby pink color (oops, did not notice the name) but it was too dull on me. My skin tone is wicked weird. Unlike most of the azn girls, warm colors actually suit me better then cold. After I compared two colors and I decided to pick this one because it instantly brightened my skin. Perfect for SuMMERRRR (my fav season :D)

Thing is I purchased without looking at the name. I then looked at the box while I was stuck in traffic when I drove home and whooo it is Melba. I remember hearing something good about it somewhere. As superstitious as it sounds, I felt like I bought something SO worthy *dumb

According to the mac website, Melba is a soft coral-peach hue with a matte finish. See no matter how hard I tried to escape from coral colors I just keep falling for it because it really suits me 10000 times better than baby pink. 

What is your fav blush color?? Any recommendations?

BangBangSheShoots' Giveaway

Look at all these goodies! I normally dont do giveaways caz i dont believe my luck on winning but this one contains sooooo many things i want. BangBangSheShoots is opening an internet cosmetic and makeup store (Apopofkawaii) and to celebrate its opening 6 lucky winners will win this ::D Good luck everyone and good luck to myself too <3

May 25, 2010

Free People + Forever 21 Basics + Walmart Mily Cyrus x Max Azria Haul

These days I am very very super hesitated to buy stuff/makeup randomly. I am constantly afraid to own so much stuff. it would be a pain in the butt when it comes to moving around.. I'd rather first wait til I know where to settle, where to call home.

Anyhoo, to celebrate my 4.0 GPA this semester and (actually I cant name other reasons lol I tend to buy things just for fun though its entirely against my life theory), I went to the mall and bought some stuff that I really really like. these are things I am definitely going to keep for a long time.

First, things that I can not resist not buying from my absolutely fav brand - Free people

Basic wide t-shirts and random stuff from F21
. I figured as time goes by basic solids are always what I reach for from the closet so I dont mind having more. I am usually a size S but I like wearing tees that can hide my fat tummy so a lot of time I buy them in M.

Belt that would not pop.
Story behind it: I have similar colored belt that has a sticky tape (dk whats it called) closing and its so unstable. A lot of time when I was dancing or eating it would pop itself and flew to the ground -_- So embarrassing when others were around and caught me lol. it reached its max poppixity (word i make up, obviously) when i burst out laughing unexpectedly. now i found these and that would never happen again *confidently! I also bought one for my friend because she has the same problem. yeah for no more bff popping moments:)

Sports Bras

These are the best, esp for girls who have round bodies like me! I hate it when I need to layer a tank top on top of my bra. This it the perfect solution for wearing a summer dress when you want your body not to be too curvy! My body looks a lot flatter with these guys hehee
Miley Cyrus x Max Azria Collection from Walmart
Seriously who would have thought to buy clothes from walmart? The other day I was watching Holly's youtube and she mentioned in one of her videos the great finds she had for this collection. So I paid extra attantion
when I went to pick up some Capri-Sun (my fav drink lol) at Walmart yesterday and I found all these at $3 each! They fit so well though the sizes are running a bit small. I got the black top and leggings in M. Just a thing to watch out for :)

I also bought Mac Melba but will do a review on it tmr. New England's weather is so awful. It was freezing couple days ago as I had to swear a sweatshirt and now its 86'F in my room O_o" im meltingg!! Though I love the fact that it does not get dark til 9pm haha Here is a view of my messy room, just figure you might like :D

Everyone has apple cheeks, but look, I even have strawberry cheeks (er.. not funny...)

And that's it! Until next time, Bye!

May 21, 2010

Crazy Week, wet New York, MAC eyeshadow in Interview

The past two weeks were crazy! I basically had no time to rest. There were a lot of visiting, dining and going out. My relatives flew all the way from the other side of the globe for my graduation. My friends and I also spent the last time together since a lot of them are international students before we are all gone apart. Just sent my aunt off to the airport this morning. Everything has come to an end.. for now. This is a relaxing but sad moment. Things arent gonna be the same :(

Nonetheless, I had SO much fun and so many memories in the past couple of weeks. Let the pictures talk ba!

Commencement Ceremony on Saturday
After a long day full of taking graduation pictures and relatives gatherings, my friends and I stayed at hotel room in downtown Boston. Perfect for going out and not driving!
Went to eat afterward, saw our old friend!

Went to nyc for the following two days with my relatives. It was raining the whole time! Regardless of the weather, its still new york. its still really pretty. Plus, i only go to ny for food so i dont really care about the weather being sucky :P

Went to Korea Town for soon dubu (BCD Tofu House). YUMM!
Their bbq meat are the superb but this time we decided to try out their organic tofu soups.

Me and my Iron Man craze in New York
Why did I go to Fifth Avenue?
For Purses? No! For Clothes? No! For the LOVE sign? No!!
it was for FIVE GUYS
they have the best burgers ever. simple, non-greasy and delicious
I am usually not a burgers fan but I was in loveeee with their burgers!

Went to the outlet yesterday back in Mass. I found the elephant necklace I had been longing for for decades from jcrew. The last two times they didnt have it. Finally got it, yeah yeah literally made my day! I also purchased the MAC Fard A Paupieres eye shadow in Inter-View from the CCO there. The shimmery blue is even darker then any blacks I have owned. The gold color is gorgeous with orange glitters. The brown is perfect for build ups ranging from medium to super opaque. All super pigmented. Itd be very convenient for doing night out makeup with the combination of colors matching both warm and cold tones.

Will do more updates soon! Its been crazy traveling to different states with no time to myself. Ahh!! Talk to you girls soon <3


May 13, 2010

Sweet Blog Award + 60 Followers Mini Giveaway!

Thanks Edwina for the sweet blog award!! <3 <3

The rules to be followed are:
- Give this award to 10 sweet and friendly bloggers
- Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you
- Put the award on your blog
- Let your nominated 10 know you've awarded them by leaving a comment

And I am nominating :

And of caz everyone who has been supportive and sharing love. I really enjoy blogging here hehee and I love love love receiving feedback and comments from you girls. Thank You Thank You. In reciprocating the love, I picked out 6 little things as a mini giveaway to commemorate my little blog hitting 60 followers. I immediately thought of the Rimmel 60 secs nail polishes so there are three of them in the giveaway, all time fav colors. Products are all brand new, and are absolutely my favs!
Giveaway includes:

Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish in 200 Princess Pink
Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish in 290 Frisky Clover
Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish in 340 Torrid
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in 4860-05 Rockstar Pink
Maybelline Stylish Smokes quad in 02 Natural Smokes
My Beauty Dairy Mask Chocolate (for moisturizing, brightening, firming)

- must be a follower (the whole purpose of the giveaway, right?)
- comment on this post with your name, email address and the link of your blog
- post an entry in your blog about this giveaway and post the link back on comments for this post
- starts NOW and ends on May 31st Eastern Time of USA
- open internationally :)
- My 10 Sweet Blog nominees will be automatically put in to the raffle

Raffle is going to take place on June 1st!

May 6, 2010

Done with College Announcement + Deal Deal Deal

I am done with college..... WHAT!?!? As I walked out from my last final exam,  looked up at the sky - it was sooo nice out! I know it must be cerebrating with me hehee it feels so good to be done! my college experience wasn't anything difficult (probably because its a state university) but finally.. finally something I have accomplished, as i wished, two majors, two semesters abroad hahaha and now I can finally tell friends and family that I am done with college. OMG!

So I was going to go get some summer dresses at the mall but its sooo far (30mins driving). I drove by an old navy around the area I live and i was like uh might as well since I am done. I dont shop at old navy usually but always have luck finding deals there, and it wasn't a disappointment today either :)

I couldnt find anything of my size but I have found 2 xxL tops that fit perfectly as dresses on me :D
declaimer: Old Navy's XSs usually fit me well but they are usually sold out comes to clearance. I did not buy xxL on purpose and have nothing against people that wear bigger sizes. I am just indicating that tiny girls can use bigger clothes as alternatives. Everyone is pretty in their own way, cheers!

I like both of them! I have been wanting for pastel color dresses and a white ruffle sleeve dress like these. Can't believe I found them from Old Navy lol!

Here is a picture with the white ruffles dress on. Gosh I wish I had a bigger mirror so I can show you with better pictures (sad dorky college kid) $9.99 + $6.99 Such a good deal isnt it? Definitely check out an Old Navy if there is any nearby your area, esp their clearance section. Sometimes I even find 49cents tube tops or shirts that i buy for alterations and DIY!

So I found pictures of the 49cent tops I was talking about.

1) Turquoise Ruffles one shoulder top size M
wore it as a tunic dress for a night out with leather leggings and a black belt

2) Black Stripes white tube top Size M
the lines at the center dont really ally but i still bought it so i could do some DIY to it. I bought a piece of felt paper from a craft store and sew flowers on to it. now the stripes are hidden by the asymmetric flowers. :)


not bad, right :D?

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