May 5, 2010

Nails for Spring!

Spring has sprung ~*

so nail colors need to be changed too, right?
you all know me, i dont like anything crazy on my nails since i am so rough with them.. they get chipped so quicky id rather ruin my nothing-on nails than having a scratch on a professionally done design. anyway, besides doing a mono color, sometimes id do french (considered as the highest level of my nails skills already haha).

Heres the 'design':

Heres what I am using:


Etude House Nail Base Coat
Borghese Nail Lacquer Vernis in B409 Rosato Rose C
Sally Hansan Hard as Nails Strengthening Topcoat

With only Etude House Base Coat on,


*mind my nails they are in different paces in growing XD i always break the nails of my index fingers dont know why lol

not super shinny

prevent my nails from yellowing
not bad but nothing really special besides its cute bottle

Tell me about your spring nails style!!


Tell me what you think!

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