May 25, 2010

Free People + Forever 21 Basics + Walmart Mily Cyrus x Max Azria Haul

These days I am very very super hesitated to buy stuff/makeup randomly. I am constantly afraid to own so much stuff. it would be a pain in the butt when it comes to moving around.. I'd rather first wait til I know where to settle, where to call home.

Anyhoo, to celebrate my 4.0 GPA this semester and (actually I cant name other reasons lol I tend to buy things just for fun though its entirely against my life theory), I went to the mall and bought some stuff that I really really like. these are things I am definitely going to keep for a long time.

First, things that I can not resist not buying from my absolutely fav brand - Free people

Basic wide t-shirts and random stuff from F21
. I figured as time goes by basic solids are always what I reach for from the closet so I dont mind having more. I am usually a size S but I like wearing tees that can hide my fat tummy so a lot of time I buy them in M.

Belt that would not pop.
Story behind it: I have similar colored belt that has a sticky tape (dk whats it called) closing and its so unstable. A lot of time when I was dancing or eating it would pop itself and flew to the ground -_- So embarrassing when others were around and caught me lol. it reached its max poppixity (word i make up, obviously) when i burst out laughing unexpectedly. now i found these and that would never happen again *confidently! I also bought one for my friend because she has the same problem. yeah for no more bff popping moments:)

Sports Bras

These are the best, esp for girls who have round bodies like me! I hate it when I need to layer a tank top on top of my bra. This it the perfect solution for wearing a summer dress when you want your body not to be too curvy! My body looks a lot flatter with these guys hehee
Miley Cyrus x Max Azria Collection from Walmart
Seriously who would have thought to buy clothes from walmart? The other day I was watching Holly's youtube and she mentioned in one of her videos the great finds she had for this collection. So I paid extra attantion
when I went to pick up some Capri-Sun (my fav drink lol) at Walmart yesterday and I found all these at $3 each! They fit so well though the sizes are running a bit small. I got the black top and leggings in M. Just a thing to watch out for :)

I also bought Mac Melba but will do a review on it tmr. New England's weather is so awful. It was freezing couple days ago as I had to swear a sweatshirt and now its 86'F in my room O_o" im meltingg!! Though I love the fact that it does not get dark til 9pm haha Here is a view of my messy room, just figure you might like :D

Everyone has apple cheeks, but look, I even have strawberry cheeks (er.. not funny...)

And that's it! Until next time, Bye!


  1. the view from your roomies is adorable :)

    would you love to visit liz. secret rendevous & follow if you like

    thankies sweetie

    Pinta Lizti Irene

  2. que lindo todo.
    me gusta.

  3. Wow, congrats on your 4.0!! That is amazing. You should be SO proud of yourself :)

    Awesome finds! I love Free People as well :) Such nice comfortable clothing. I haven't been to Walmart in a long time so I had no idea of the Miley Cyrus/Max collection. Seems nice, I hope the clothing is comfortable :) The prices are great!!

  4. You looks so cute,haha

    Where did you get the belt?

    I love it

  5. i love mac melba blush! but a little too much and you look like a clown lol or maybe that's just me with my heavy ass hand. :( haha

  6. I love the texture of those belts!!

    And I'm a big fan of Holly as well, I saw her video on Miley's line at Walmart, but haven't been able to search for them yet!

    Great haul :D oh and btw, your room is adorable :)

  7. I love the F21 haul. Nice <3 I saw the advert for Miley's collection and for once I had to admit it wasn't all that bad. I thought it would be some tacky stuff like her other lines.

  8. You have such a cute blog!
    I'm ya new follower!

    Cheers ;)


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