May 26, 2013

Life Updates & Cafe Melba

Today I went to check out the surroundings of my apartment in Singapore (still staying at a hotel closer to work at the moment) to make sure it's safe and where I want to be for the next 6 months, I explored a little further out to this relaxing Melba Cafe off Goodman Arts Centre. 

Cafe Melba offers a wide range of all day breakfasts and lunches. There are both outdoor and indoor settings to select from. I saw many young parents and young adults flock to this place to spend a relaxing afternoon with friends and families.

I ordered the full melba cooked breakfast which contains as this, that and that (please see picture below as I am lazy to type wtf). I have to say this is quite the best brunch I have had recently. Each food is cooked to almost perfection. The bacon is deep fried yet still juicy, hashbrown is crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. I specially loved the cherry tomatoes. The fresh flavor bursts into every corner of my mouth. Hmm its so good. The ice mocha is also very smooth and not too sweet. It runs down with the food without feeling too guilty :P Despite being quite pricy (SGD$37 for set brunch and iced mocha, I am sure I will come here often to chill.

Okay grab a bite and sit down -- I was going to apologize once again for being gone for such a long time but hey its my blog la who cares. If I don't want to apologize then I don't apologize la. Anyway for you who follow me on other medium you know that the last 2 months I have been missing I was changing career, went to Boston for a week, San Francisco for 2 weeks and now I am settled in Singapore!

I am uber excited about my new move. Its not like I am excited to leave my family in Hong Kong once again la, but living in Singapore has always been a dream to me. Since arriving in SG 7 days ago I have been enjoying the weather, greener atmosphere, amazing selection of food and the convenience of 20 min you-can-get-to-anywhere radiance. *thumbs up

Hopefully after next weekend of moving to an new apartment I can do more blogging/vlogging etc. Wish me luck. 

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