Hi, Winnie here. Kudos to you for making it to this page and getting to know me.

Born and raised in British Hong Kong, moved to Boston for high school and university, then Shanghai and Beijing for exchange and internship, I am just a typical girl trying to make the best out of every moment in life. I love to experience different cultures and absolutely adore people who embrace them. I use this blog to capture memories of the places I find inspiration from.

Starting this blog was frankly a whim but has slowly turned into a deep passion of mine. In my theory looking polished is a way to show respect. I have always had a quest for products that work for me (Skincare, Cosmetics & Hair - Western & Asian, High-End & Drugstore). I share my 2 cents on products I've stumbled upon in conjunction with my travel and restaurant posts, on top of making beauty videos on YouTube. 

You can find me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter with the embedded links or using the bubbles in the header of this blog.

Please email me for PR inquiries or questions: chiurinnie{at}gmail.com

Thank you for reading!
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