Oct 30, 2010

Orly Prince Charming Review

Sup everyone? Busy dressing up for tonight's Halloween parties? But before you turn your head and get busy, I have a quick review on Orly Prince Charming nail polish review for you.

You know me and my plain polished nails :)

Orly Prince Charming
a warm medium chocolate brown that warms me up in autumn <3

A lot of people compare Orly Prince Charming to OPI You Don't know or Over the Taupe. Though Prince Charming is more of a true chocolate brown whereas You Don't Know Jacques! has more of a yellow undertone and Over the Taupe has more of a red tone.

Sometimes it looks like Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro is Steel Grey, which is a taupe grey color. They look quite similar indoors but once it hits the sunlight they are nothing similar. If you're interested in reading my review on the Rimmel Steel Grey click HERE.

I have slowly found I actually like Orly nail polishes more than OPI's. All the products from them have relatively closer and creamier consistency then OPI's and not to mention I always only need 2 coats for Orly's nail polishes, whereas it varies among OPI's polishes.

And isn't the name so cute? Prince Charming.. though I have no clue how that relates to Prince Charming-_-

Anyway hope you all have a fun wild Halloween weekend!

Until next time!

Oct 23, 2010

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick Review + FOTD

I was browsing around at Macy's for holiday collections and thinking to myself what I absolutely needed instead of randomly buying everything - and there's only one answer on my mind - A GOOD RED LIPSTICK. So I walked to the Shiseido counter ignoring the Benefit Cosmetics 'party' promotion event that was going on, or all the buy-this-get-that promotions in the store, I wanted a good quality smooth, pigmented, not drying red lipstick PERIOD. I tested couple red lipsticks from MAC but they are not as smooth as this one.
Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD 415
Valentine is a sweet bright true red that flatters almost every skintone

swatch accordingly
(I feel like there are only pros for this product)
- true to color
- sooooooo smooth
- highly pigmented
- glossy finish without the need of a gloss
- sharp tip for creating sharp lip lines
- long lasting (~3 hours)
- sturdy and classy packaging
- bright undertone for my yellow skin undertone

- Pricey $25

Pictures of me having one swipe of Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD 415 Valentine on without a lip liner

I am so in love with it! Definitely going to repurchase more from this line. This is going to be such a pop for all the dull colors I wear for the fall and winter! Love it Love it!

xoxo Have a good weekend, lovelies!

Oct 22, 2010

My 1st (and probably only) OOTD

Having the intention to do an OOTD series from today already brought me good luck! I broke the only two mirrors at home. One from being used to check the back of my hair in the bathroom. The little stand of the mirror fell into the drain hole-_- The other big mirror fell down when being used to take outfits pictures (above) Trillions of broken mirror pieces scattered on the floor. Its good luck - according to Chinese tradition - 落地開花 富貴榮華 - 'something scatters on the floor as flower brings wealth and prosperity' see my epic translation skills?

Anywhoo back to the topic! I have just been wearing layers of stuff like this because it's already freezing in Boston! Its now around 50"F during the day and 30"F during the night. Looking for pieces and combining them to create different outfits for me is much more fun (and environmental friendly) than buying new pieces all the time (denying the fact that I go shopping at least twice a week - already promise myself I am going to cut it down)

Things on me:
Synthetic Leather jacket - F21
Black Fleece - Uniqlo
Sliver Ruffles Dress - tailor made in Shanghai
White Scarf - F21
White Stockings - Betsey Johnson
Greyish Black Socks - Nine West
Grey Boots - Uggs

Please tell me if you like this kind of outfit posts!

Oct 20, 2010

Bobbi Brown Makeover at Neiman Marcus

My memory attending my first makeup workshop when I was 15 is still vivid, I am more than excited to take part in the Bobbi Brown makeover this afternoon at Neiman Marcus, Copley Square, Boston. Too bad I woke up too late to go see Bobbi Brown in person, yup that's right! Bobbi Brown herself in person!

Regardless I had a great time trying out their new stuff apart from the old stuff I have been using and it's just always fun getting your makeup done by makeup artists, as they would pick something different than you normally would :)

The complete look -  a normal one and one I am trying to be cute wtf
I was too embarrassed to take pictures when I was at the event so I took these at home.

the look accomplished is clean and warm.

Face - 
Skin Foundation SPF 15 - Warm Beige (3.5)
Corrector - Bisque
Creamy Concealer Kit - Warm Beige

Eyes - a sophisticated shimmery grey that's not so over the top
Long Wear Cream Shadow - Navajo and Galaxy
Long Wear Gel Eyeliner - Granite Ink (highly recommended for those of you who are sick of black ink eyeliners like me)

Cheeks -
Shimmer Blush - Nectar

Lips - 
Creamy Lip Color - Pink Ballet

And that completes the whole look. Pretty simple uh?
*Make sure you check out your local department stores for events :)

Question - what are your favourite Bobbi Brown products?

Oct 19, 2010

Makeup Basics - Blue Eyeshadow

Estee Lauder was the sponsor catwalk makeup for Derek Lam this fall - emphasizing the blue! From daily to smokey looks, blue seems to be a domination among all other colors for this season.
Images by CosmogirlHK

ESTEE LAUDER Blue Dahlia Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette
- Apply white eyeshadow over the entire lid area
- Line the eye with black eyeliner
- Combine lower eyeline to upper eyeline at the outer corner of the eye
- Combine the lighter and darker blue from the palette and apply it on the inner 2/3 of the lid
- Apply dark blue eyeshadow as a liner along the black line that was drawn before
- Lastly, apply gold shadow only on the center of the lid to further brighten the whole look

Oct 18, 2010

Dior Lip Glow Review and introducing my best friend

Dior Lip Glow with SPF 10

I have actually wanted the Dior lip glow for quite a long time now. Dior has always been my favourite luxury brand, especially when it comes to purses <3 However, for some reason, I am not so fond of Dior cosmetics. I always feel like their packaging is pretty but in a tacky way... and I don't like the fact that it's in Sephora -  I don't like shopping at also.

Anyway I was at Saks Fifth looking for a gift to buy for a girl friend and the gay cosmetics salesman wouldn't stop talking about this lip glow-_- he told me he could easily sell 20 of these everyday. He was kinda cute and sooo gay thus made him cuter. The packaging of the balm is sturdy and cute so I decide to pick one up for my friend but couldn't resist getting one for myself.

I am sure you all aren't strangers to this packaging.
I figured it would look so cute in my dior purse ^^

- very moisturizing
- super cute packaging
- 'enhance your natural lip color' in 7 shades of pinks
- easy lip color on the go
- SPF 10

- color is not controllable
- more pricey for a tinted chapstick

**As requested,


The complaint that I have heard the most about this product is the coloration. It tends to appeal to be an unflattering hot pink color for a lot of girls who have already red pigmented lips. For me, my lips are very pigmented too but THANK GOD it doesn't do that to me. It is highly balmy and moisturizing, and would add a light sheen to my lips and seal up the lines on my lips. It also contains SPF 10 which I need during the day (you should too, unless you want your lips to turn purple soon..) Overall I think its a great buy and a cute superficial goodie lol.

Last but not least, after blogging here for a few months and two giveaways, I think I am comfortable enough with all of you thus I think its a good time to introduce best friend to you. Her name is Gross Pimple, yup with her first name Gross and last name Pimple. She is such a good friend who always comes visit me the day after I went out drinking and didn't sleep enough. She always always likes to hang out in the center middle of my forehead next to my hair line.

Thats a close up picture of her. I hope you are glad to meet her and find her attractive. Bye.

Oct 17, 2010

Giveaway Winner(S)

Drum roll, please!

I was so excited to draw the winners for my giveaways. Thank you every and single one of you for participating, and more importantly, been supporting my blog and leaving super sweet comments here all the time <3

So lets just jump right into announcing the prize(s) yeh yah?

Grand Prize: Coach Wristlet with 5 masks of your choice
Winner: Renee
Renee is a sweet girl who is passionate in trying out makeup products. She is also very generous and supportive ever since I started blogging here. I love her blog <3 I wish she updates more often. Check out her blog HERE.

1st Runner Up Prize: Rossini Muti-Purpose Rosebud Balm with 5 masks of your choice
Winner: Angie
By the name of Pandaphilia, Angie is a lazy panda... Just Kidding! She is a daydreaming panda with her wholeheartedly unique and enlightening blog. She put a lot into her posts and I love reading her blog! Check her out HERE

2nd/3rd Runner Up Prize: 5 masks of your choice
Winners: Clau and Enchi

My Beauty Diary Masks:
Southern France Apricot - New! Deeply Moisturizing / Soothing
Q10 Rejuvenating - Elasticity Enhancing / Firming
Strawberry Yogurt - Brightening / Whitening / Pore Minimizing / Oil Control
Sake - Whitening / Brightening/ Freckles Reduction
Pearl Powder - Whitening / Moisturizing
Black Pearl - Whitening / Brightening / Elasticity Enhancing
Nano Eye Masks:
Collagen Smooth - Eliminates fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness
Q10 Reset - Tones and firms eye zone, reduces visible signs of aging

Congratulations to all of you! I will leave a message on your blogs and please email me your address and choices of masks.

For those of you who didn't win.. DO NOT WORRY! I will soon have another giveaway coming up. I just haven't figured what everyone would like yet. I was thinking Chanel Fall 2010 Tweed Fuchsia Blush, MAC Venomous Villains stuff or I don't know! I need IDEAS!!

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