Oct 18, 2010

Dior Lip Glow Review and introducing my best friend

Dior Lip Glow with SPF 10

I have actually wanted the Dior lip glow for quite a long time now. Dior has always been my favourite luxury brand, especially when it comes to purses <3 However, for some reason, I am not so fond of Dior cosmetics. I always feel like their packaging is pretty but in a tacky way... and I don't like the fact that it's in Sephora -  I don't like shopping at also.

Anyway I was at Saks Fifth looking for a gift to buy for a girl friend and the gay cosmetics salesman wouldn't stop talking about this lip glow-_- he told me he could easily sell 20 of these everyday. He was kinda cute and sooo gay thus made him cuter. The packaging of the balm is sturdy and cute so I decide to pick one up for my friend but couldn't resist getting one for myself.

I am sure you all aren't strangers to this packaging.
I figured it would look so cute in my dior purse ^^

- very moisturizing
- super cute packaging
- 'enhance your natural lip color' in 7 shades of pinks
- easy lip color on the go
- SPF 10

- color is not controllable
- more pricey for a tinted chapstick

**As requested,


The complaint that I have heard the most about this product is the coloration. It tends to appeal to be an unflattering hot pink color for a lot of girls who have already red pigmented lips. For me, my lips are very pigmented too but THANK GOD it doesn't do that to me. It is highly balmy and moisturizing, and would add a light sheen to my lips and seal up the lines on my lips. It also contains SPF 10 which I need during the day (you should too, unless you want your lips to turn purple soon..) Overall I think its a great buy and a cute superficial goodie lol.

Last but not least, after blogging here for a few months and two giveaways, I think I am comfortable enough with all of you thus I think its a good time to introduce best friend to you. Her name is Gross Pimple, yup with her first name Gross and last name Pimple. She is such a good friend who always comes visit me the day after I went out drinking and didn't sleep enough. She always always likes to hang out in the center middle of my forehead next to my hair line.

Thats a close up picture of her. I hope you are glad to meet her and find her attractive. Bye.

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