Oct 3, 2010

Autumn in California Part 2 - Las Vegas

It was my first time in Las Vegas! It was also my best friend Eddie's birthday!

6 of us booked 3 suites at Trump Hotel. The concierge was by chance from Massachusetts so upgraded our suites up a notch :) Our rooms are superb with 270"c night view of Vegas! It's bomb! though we were never in our rooms anyway-_-

We celebrated Eddie's birthday at Tryst club, Winn Hotel. It's so grand! Pool next to the dance floor.

We went back and had bubble bath!
the bathroom is mad huge haha take a sneak peek from the polaroids

Second day was the same old -
walked along the Strip and gambled a bit,
wrapped up with a seafood buffet :D

Then we are off to Tao at the Venetian
The Venetian
Our VIP view
Vegas, Baby!
The kind of light I love,
reminds me of my all time favourite club - Bar Rouge Shanghai
Swimming the next morning at the hotel pool :D
Somehow this picture taken from my iphone looks fake haha
too colorful even without editing!
Sadly but it's time to say goodbye to our lovely hotel :(

Of course we have to stuff ourselves up before the long drive back to LA.
Pink's Hot Dog, with their famous chili dogs, just had a new branch in Las Vegas off the Strip!
Margarita time!
10 thumbs ups for my 1st time to Vegas! (though I only have 2)
It's time to pack for San Diego.

Sandy beaches, here I come!


  1. you looked so amazing,
    and so did the trip.
    looked like so much fun! <3

  2. winnie! i'm so glad you had fun in vegas... your suite looks amazing! more pix pls =) I hope you didn't have a long wait for pink's like I did at the LA one. lol

  3. The trip looked tons of fun!! You're freakin gorgeous btw :)

  4. Looking good. Vegas, a classy city.

  5. seem you had so much fun in vegas..

  6. WOW mad fun! Winnie so glad you blog again I was starting to miss you :)

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