Oct 10, 2010

Make Up Basics - Liner and Metallic Eye Shadow

Metallic eye shadows aren't something that only big eyes with very noticeable double eyelids could pull off. With the right techniques and placement of shadows, everyone can enjoy using metallic eye shadows for the fall autumn season when rocking the military and biker trend!

Rounds Eyes with Double Eyelids

- Metallic eye shadow on eyelid but not on the inner corner
- Use same eye shadow for the lower liner area
- smoke the upper lid shadow out with a black shadow to make the shape of the eye stand out more
- topped with black liner
Folded Eyelids

- Place the metallic eyeshadow higher than the placement for other shadows
- darken lashes and use black shadow closest to the eye to make the eye appeal bigger and rounder
- topped with thick black liner


- Make sure the placement of metallic eyeshadow is not higher than 1/3 of the whole eyelid, otherwise, the eyes would look swollen
- a must to apply black/dark eyeshadow, the area could be made bigger to make eye appeal bigger
- draw a thicker lower eyelid or even with a smoky effect

*all images by CosmogirlHK
Hope you find it fun to read :)

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