Oct 30, 2010

Orly Prince Charming Review

Sup everyone? Busy dressing up for tonight's Halloween parties? But before you turn your head and get busy, I have a quick review on Orly Prince Charming nail polish review for you.

You know me and my plain polished nails :)

Orly Prince Charming
a warm medium chocolate brown that warms me up in autumn <3

A lot of people compare Orly Prince Charming to OPI You Don't know or Over the Taupe. Though Prince Charming is more of a true chocolate brown whereas You Don't Know Jacques! has more of a yellow undertone and Over the Taupe has more of a red tone.

Sometimes it looks like Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro is Steel Grey, which is a taupe grey color. They look quite similar indoors but once it hits the sunlight they are nothing similar. If you're interested in reading my review on the Rimmel Steel Grey click HERE.

I have slowly found I actually like Orly nail polishes more than OPI's. All the products from them have relatively closer and creamier consistency then OPI's and not to mention I always only need 2 coats for Orly's nail polishes, whereas it varies among OPI's polishes.

And isn't the name so cute? Prince Charming.. though I have no clue how that relates to Prince Charming-_-

Anyway hope you all have a fun wild Halloween weekend!

Until next time!

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