Oct 6, 2010

Autumn in California Part 4 - LA

I know I know.. you must be so sick of me talking about my trip but I promise I will stop after wrapping this up! I've shorten this and promise I am only showing you the best (hopefully) :D

Redondo Beach
where you can get all types of seafood made to order
they have everything pretty much but a specialty in oysters and clams
Ah I am dying!

Little Tokyo
Curry House - Curry seafood spaghetti
Some famous bakery near Melrose?
Inside there are a LOT to pick from
Spending my last two days in Santa Monica
- by far my favourite place in California
..haha maybe my second favourite with my San Diego be my no.1 favourite :)

Haven't had it since Japan many many years ago!
GaJa Okinomiyaki

Last but not least LA night view at Hollywood Hill!
Literally saw it hours before flying back to Boston.

We were so close to the Hollywood sign!! Too bad my camera wasn't good enough to catch such beautiful scenery but regardless this is the best way to end my trip. I am so happy I made it to this long overdue trip to California. It's great to visit my friends who currently moved to the West Coast, checking on them and making sure they're having a life as great as they've hoped. Culture and people wise, its very different than the East Coast. I've always known people in Cali are more laid back, but they are actually way more laid back than I thought -_- haha its so different! I can't believe such place could exist in the same continent! Though I cannot imagine myself living there, this trip has widen my vision so much. Definitely learn a lot about myself and more than thankful that my parents have sent me to Boston instead of anywhere else in the world to start my independent life.

Bye California, Hello again, Boston!


  1. amazing photos! i'm really glad you had a great time here in california! :D

    <3, Mimi


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