Aug 30, 2010

Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge Collection

After viewing the scenery of Paris at the Church of Sacred heart in Montmartre, the walk down the famous Moulin Rouge. Though there is no chance to enjoy a musical, we cannot help but stop and look up the big red windmill. Fantasy. Rachel is singing and dancing in the Moulin Rouge, where the actors are beautifully swinging their bodies with the passionate music. The art of opera is a pleasant thing, as well as where the Make Up For Ever MOULIN ROUGE ® Collection is seamlessly inspired.

Pput on false lashes
Shimmering shadows on 2/3 of the lid
put on gems to make eyes sparkle
peach blusher
red lip liner to line lips
then lipstick
False Lashes
Moulin Rouge Crystal Gems
Rouge Artist Lipstick
Glossy Full Couleur Lipgloss

I was speechless when I first saw these pictures on CosmogirlHK. The collection includes glitters and sparkles for the eyes and true bright red shares for the lips. It is a beautiful connection inspired by the colors of the famous cabaret by Dani Sanz, the creator of Make Up For Ever, and Janet Pharaoh, the ballet mistress from Moulin Rouge. The pictures are such great examples to overthrow the idea of this collection is too much for us to handle. The Asian model looks bomb and elegant, what do you think?

Aug 26, 2010

New Hair Color | Liese Bubble Color in Glossy Brown Review

Prettia Bubble Hair Dye (Glossy Brown)
My hair was probably closest to the middle color
Tools that come with,
hair dye, bubble making bottle, gloves, after dye conditioner
see the roots that needed to be fixed?

Roots are fixed
Whole hair is brightened up
*sorry for the messy hair
((Perfect for newbies like me!))
True to color
Super easy to apply
Evenly coated without much skills
Fun to use

Hair texture is significantly worse (more matte and drier)

I wanted to brighten up my current hair color without having an extremely makeover. Choosing between Glossy Brown and Marshmallow Brown, I decided to give Glossy Brown a try because its slightly more of a red tone than an orange/yellow one. Its $17 on IMomoko. I got the shipment within a week!

What more can I say? If you have shiny healthy hair to begin with, and want to try changing your color, it is an inexpensive way to get your hair look "professionally done". Though its not me, and my hair looks worse after that, I will probably repurchase because it is SO fun to play with the bubbles and they really work magic.

Aug 23, 2010

Boston Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week Boston is brought to you twice a year in March and again in August area restaurants design special 3-course prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner. A 2-course lighter lunch was initiated in 2009. Its the best time of the year to try out all the restaurants that I have been interested in, as well as the pricey ones that I normally wouldn't go to, on top of my favourite part -  doll up for dinner dates :P
Downtown Boston near Newbury Street

Morton's Steak House
699 Boylston Street, Boston

Morton's Salad with anchovies
Steamed Fresh Asparagus, Sauce Hollandaise
Double Cut Filet Mignon, Sauce Bearnaise
Grilled Beacon Wrapped Jumbo Scallops
Onion Rings
Colossal Shrimp Alexander
Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake
Key Lime Pie


On Saturday night, we found this marvelous bar at Harvard Square
the place is sophisticated and hipsterish :P

Russel House Tavern
14 JF Kennedy St
Cambridge, MA 02138
Moscow Mule
Dutch Summer
Rio Revivor
What is better than having a relaxing day at the reservoir with friends?
Bubble teas with matching straws lol
Kayaking in Natick
Berry Freeze ( Buffet Styled Pinkberry/Berryline/Yogurt Land/Red Mango)
After a week of stuffing myself to death - simple dinner
Pho, chicken wings and noodles

Oops forgot to mention..

Petite Robert Bistro
468 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
Bay Scallops in Half Shells Proven├žale
Sword Fish steak "au Poivre" with French Fries
Peach Cake with Sorbet, so cute!
Chocolate Mousse

I am ready to take on the second week of Boston Restaurant Week hehee
More FOOD!!
How was your weekend? Did you eat a lot like me :P?

Now, please be patient with my upcoming product reviews!

Aug 20, 2010

Geo Angel Grey Review

I am probably one of the few newbies in terms of wearing circle lenses. I only wear them for fun once in a while and I only own a few pairs. I refuse to wear them everyday due to the permeability and porosity of color / circle lenses are not as good as regular clear lenses. The bottom line is they are not as comfy and in my opinion why ruining your eyes since you can only have one pair for the rest of your life?

Though I have to admit the effect wearing lenses is so powerful that they could change one person's look entirely. I hope not to depend on these lenses (just as the whole idea of makeup degrading womens' integrity..) Well enough said, let me just shut up and tell you what I think of these lenses...

Geo Angel Grey
from PinkyParadise
Ordered on: July 23rd
Received on: Aug 12th
Price: $19.90 + $6.5 Shipping
Gift: Green Froggie case

Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Brand : Geo Medical
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm


Nighttime with flash

Comfort: 9.5

Very comfortable. I am comparing them to regular Acuvue moist one day lenses and honestly no circle lenses can be as comfy as regular lenses because the rim would be in the way since your pupils expand and shrink throughout the day.

Coloration: 8
See it for yourself :) They are not that noticeable compared to other lenses but still already enough for me, especially in person. I think they do look great and natural in picture day and night.

Enlargement: 7
Quite big but not over-the-top big. I have slowly realize that I do not like the enlargement effect that circle lenses have. I don't look human with crazy enlargements and 14mm is the largest I would go.

If you are looking for something natural that would brighten up your eyes I would definitely recommend this :D

Aug 18, 2010

OPI Three on a Spree Review

I ran out of base coat, as I was wandering and about to get a Nail Envy, I found this super good deal from OPI.  It contains ChipSkip Nail Lacquer Chip Preventor, Natural Nail Base Coat and Top Coat - all 3 in full sizes for the price of 2!

I ran out of base coat, as I was wandering and about to get a Nail Envy, I found this super good deal from OPI.  It contains ChipSkip Nail Lacquer Chip Preventor, Natural Nail Base Coat and Top Coat - all 3 in full sizes for the price of 2!

1) ChipSkip Nail Lacquer Chip Preventor
Just one coat applied to bare natural mails before Base Coat and Nail Lacquer helps prevent chipping, keeps manicures looking beautiful longer!
It evaporates (or i should say disappear-_-) once after application leaving the surface matte. I have noticed my nails are stronger but it might also be the result of using the base and top coat.

2) Natural Nail Base Coat
Enriched formula prevents staining of natural nails and promotes a long-lasting manicure.
I love this base coat! it is medium thickness (more watery then Nail Envy) but makes a nails much harder. It keeps my nail from yellowing too.  Today its the 5th day I have this nail polish and I have not seen any nail chipping :)

3) Top Coat
Prevents smudges while dying to a smooth, high-gloss protective shine.
This top coat makes my nails shinny and smooth. It is very glossy yet the texture of this coat is super stretchy, thus wrapping the polish very nicely.

My nails after 5 days of using all 3 bottles.

Call me prideful! OPI is still my favorite nail polish brand.
What is your favorite brand?

Aug 15, 2010

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

Specialties: Contains SPF42 PA+++, Anti-aging, Whitening, "Perfect Cover" up scars and blemishes

Coloration: This bb cream is one of the few cool tones bb cream I have tried thus far though once it is on it is not noticeable. I am guessing since most Asians have cool skin tones? It is one of the few BB Creams on the market that offer darker shades. (No. 13 milky beige, No. 21 Light beige, No. 23 Natural beige and No. 31 Golden beige*New) I am a NC25 for MAC and no.23 is perfect. I have also read reviews that this BB Cream blends right into the skin even on brown skin or darker skin tones. It gives a smooth finish.

Application: It is on the rather lightweight side, and is definitely a lot runnier than Skinfood Cactus BB Cream or Mushroom BB Cream that I had a review on earlier. Smoothest and most blendable BB Cream I have tried. I was in awe this is probably my best experience of whats so called "a little goes a long way". I mean a looonnnnnngggggggg way. A bean sized amount is enough for the entire face (which my face is pretty big too lol). The sqirting pump is very easy to control. It glides on so smoothly, which is why I am so surprised by how much coverage it is able to give to my skin.

See how spreadable even from such small amount with such high coverage?
The bean size above is enough for the entire face including covering up blemishes and dark circles.
Coverage: The coverage is about medium-full. It helps minimizing the pores and my skin is smoother even after taking off the makeup. Besides, I always have severe eye bags and dark circles problem. Normally I would dab on more concealers on after applying foundation or other BB Creams. I actually like the effect of using slightly bit more of this BB Cream under my eyes instead of using concealer. So with a light dusting of loose powder on top of this, I am set to go.

Lasting + Oil Control power: Stays put for about 6-8 hours, which is quite good. I have normal skin type while normal foundation and BB Creams make my nose shinny after a couple of hours but for this one it takes a long time to the need of re-powdering my nose. 

**This is quiet embarrassing and I don't normally show my completely bare face to anybody. However, I really don't want you to miss out on the magical effect on this product. I will do it for you >< Argh I feel so naked!

Completely no make up face.
Hands down the most serious problems
are severe dark circles and eye bags.
A bean size of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
is applied only onto the bare face.
Focus on the under-eye areas to see the differences.
No concealer but with makeup. Though my under-eye areas are still pretty bad, they look a lot more natural with this BB Cream than any thick application of concealer. I kinda like this better.

At first, I was very hesitant to buy this product as I thought the packaging is designed to target older women. But I am so glad I made the purchase. This is by far the best and most easy-to-use BB Cream I have had with the best coverage and finish. It is definitely a great BB Cream to try for the price. Most importantly, it improves the skin conditions unlike foundation or tinted moisturizers.

Thanks Missha for having such great product!

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