Aug 23, 2010

Boston Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week Boston is brought to you twice a year in March and again in August area restaurants design special 3-course prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner. A 2-course lighter lunch was initiated in 2009. Its the best time of the year to try out all the restaurants that I have been interested in, as well as the pricey ones that I normally wouldn't go to, on top of my favourite part -  doll up for dinner dates :P
Downtown Boston near Newbury Street

Morton's Steak House
699 Boylston Street, Boston

Morton's Salad with anchovies
Steamed Fresh Asparagus, Sauce Hollandaise
Double Cut Filet Mignon, Sauce Bearnaise
Grilled Beacon Wrapped Jumbo Scallops
Onion Rings
Colossal Shrimp Alexander
Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake
Key Lime Pie


On Saturday night, we found this marvelous bar at Harvard Square
the place is sophisticated and hipsterish :P

Russel House Tavern
14 JF Kennedy St
Cambridge, MA 02138
Moscow Mule
Dutch Summer
Rio Revivor
What is better than having a relaxing day at the reservoir with friends?
Bubble teas with matching straws lol
Kayaking in Natick
Berry Freeze ( Buffet Styled Pinkberry/Berryline/Yogurt Land/Red Mango)
After a week of stuffing myself to death - simple dinner
Pho, chicken wings and noodles

Oops forgot to mention..

Petite Robert Bistro
468 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
Bay Scallops in Half Shells Proven├žale
Sword Fish steak "au Poivre" with French Fries
Peach Cake with Sorbet, so cute!
Chocolate Mousse

I am ready to take on the second week of Boston Restaurant Week hehee
More FOOD!!
How was your weekend? Did you eat a lot like me :P?

Now, please be patient with my upcoming product reviews!


  1. All of the food looks so yummy! I've never tried morton's steak house, but I've heard it was deeelicious!

  2. you are definitely gorgeous! is that pho i spy up there?! yumm! =9

  3. Great post! I haven't been particiapting in restaurant week. A lot of nicer restaurants have random $30 or $35 multi-course dinners on select week nights, so I've been eating at those throughout the year. The food pics here look just delish and you look stunning as well. Where do you get your pho?

  4. food porn!!! :D
    everything looks so good!!

  5. My tummy is grumbling just reading this! Good thing they haven't invented smell-o-vision yet!

  6. you look soooo gorgeous!!! sounds like u had fun :D

  7. white looks great on you!

  8. Chocolate mousse! And lots of other good food .__.

    And you look great :D

  9. you have such a good life i'm so enviousss :D and girl you are smokin' in that white dress. shows off your girly goods amazingly haha (that makes me jealous too)

  10. You looks gorgeous.
    Eemember to check out my giveaway^^.

  11. I love your new blog banner! all the food is making me feel drool like a pig...

  12. looks so yummy! my bf didn't take me anywhere for restaurant week. ugh! =(

  13. OHh looks delicious!
    your make up looks great, NATURAL!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  14. wow! That's alot of food and making me so hungry! You look so gorgeous in all the picture especially the first one! i really love your dress! HOT!

  15. Everything looks really delicious! You look gorgeous in all the pics too :D

  16. YUMMY! will defo be back to see what you come up with! Consider me a follower:) and you are so beautiful.

    feel free to follow me too if u like :)
    I love to do give aways, and im currently trying to get my name out, I make lots of useful makeup related goodies. Such as lipstick holders, makeup brush rolls, and purses of all sizes.

    Thank you for your time.

  17. All those deserts look soooo good.
    You're so pretty btw


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