Jul 31, 2010

Essie Haute as Hello

Essie Summer Collection 2010 - Haute as Hello

A light racy, scorching coral shade that looks soo pretty in the bottle. It turns out to be couple shades darker and a lot more orange on the nails. Furthermore it is matte. I know I could easily put on a top coat to make it shiny but I greatly prefer glossier polishes, just in case I wanted to use it for a quick fix. This is probably the least favorite Essie I have tired :( what do you think?

Jul 28, 2010


I am for sure too old to shop at Hollister but couldnt resist getting these beautiful bandeaus. Since I am very dated with their catalog whereas I used to be so on top of my game when I worked there 4 years ago, I did not get introduced to them until they are on final sale, which is kinda nice uh?

1) Navy Blue Lacie
How gorgeous is that with lace see-through on the back?

2) Hawaiian Flora Print

Love the cross design on the back.

3) Orangy Polka Dots

With ruffles all on the front and back with a ribbon tide on the front middle.
Hollister logo in the middle on the back.

I just love wearing things like this in the summer. not much support, but goes well with everything since I wear a lot of big t-shirt and dresses. One thing I need to keep an eyes on is that I need to make sure they dont fall off without my notice. My girls dont need to be seen by others :)

Tips: Unlike other Hollister cloths, these tend to run big. So get a size smaller if you could and that would fit perfectly! Also grab them if you could because they are only $3.5/ea and on final sale. You might not see them ever again.

Jul 27, 2010

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses Pink Pop + Coral Reef + Cheeries in the Glow

These are my favourite lipglosses ever! The consistency that they have are just so great and in my opinion very comparable to the big brands like Chanel and Dior. For sure my drugstore must haves!

I know I get my hands on these so late but I just wanted to make sure I really like them in order to purchase different shades of the same product.

Pink Pop, Coral Reef, Cherries in the Glow
Pink Pop: pastel bright baby pink
Coral Reef: bright undertone pinkish coral
Cherries in the Glow: sheer red with a bit coral undertone
Swatches respectively in day light
As you can see,
Pink Pop and Coral Reef has more of a pastel finish.
Both super pigmented and can be worn alone.
Cherries in the Glow has more of a sheer finish that looks super red in the tube but not on the skin. I also like the texture the most among all three. It does not sink into any concaved surfaces.
My bare lips
with Pink Pop alone
With Coral Reef alone (my fav)
With Cherries in the Glow alone

The formula isnt sticky at all yet provides an thick coverage feel which I like. They last for quite a long time, roughly 4 hours without doing anything crazy with your lips like eating or swimming (wtf). It also would not crate that disgusting caking look when reapplied. This is probably the only lip drugstore lip products that I will repurchase.

If you cant get your hands on this because I did purchase a backup of a Cherries in the Glow for my upcoming giveaway :D

Jul 26, 2010

Chloe Eau de Parfum + Free People + Zara + F21 + Korean snacks and buns

Yet another shopping day for me!

I was originally going to check out the nordstrom anniversary sale that Everyone is talking about. I was drooling over this Nordstrom exclusive Dior "Ready to wear" palette. But surprise! I ended up not getting it because the eye shallows are not as dreamy and pigmented as I thought they would be. Its relatively sheer and frosty (wtf). I also dont think I would use the gloss on it often because of the form. The bronzer and the blush are gorgeous tho. So even its such a great deal ($56), I'd rather spend the money to buy couple full sized products that I truly like.

Anyway, now to the things that I actually purchased <3

I finally got the new Chloe perfume and can finally stop whining about getting it.
Sephora offers a box set with a 50ml perfume and a 100ml body lotion in a very pretty white box with Chloe printed on it. Ah love!

I have been using Versace Bright Crystal a lot. Its very sweet and summery thus I wanted somthing more sophisticated to wear at night. I am so hooked to this new Chloe scent since I first saw it in Korea more than half a year ago. I will do a perfume review later on :)

Talking about clothes shopping, how could I resist not going to Free People? As many of you already know, I am a huge Free People fan for many years. This time I picked up 2 dresses. I absolutely adore the super fun colorful braided halter on the 1st dress. The 2nd dress isnt anything special but as always, its FB cutting that fits me really well. It has the typical tank top string design of FP and I could also dress it up or down depends on my mood.

I also picked up this purse from Zara. I love the vintage design of it and the huge gem design on the front. I have been looking for this size of purses lately. Something that I could just grab and go with, but of which at the same time fits everything such as wallet, keys, a compact of powder and my camera in.

Not sure if its because I am getting old, I have been so forgetful lately. I recently lost my friend's audi key, my iphone, the one and only pair of glasses... and of course, numerous of earrings. How frustrating is to lose one of the earrings, right? I figured buying jewelry from Forever21 is perfect. Everything they sell is dirt cheap. The quality isnt all bad either. Just have to pick carefully. all comes to $20 only!

And you know me! How could a day be fulfilling without good food? I stocked up on Korean bakery and snacks for the whole week. Green tea, sweet potato, milk, cheese and melon bunss. Cup noodles, digestive, chocopie and seaweed. Yummmmm I cant wait to eat them all (ahem... I am actually already munching on the seaweed)

That's it! Hope you girls enjoy reading :D

Jul 25, 2010

Deep Sea Fishing + Golf

What's better than spending all day outdoor on a nice summer day?

First time deep sea fishing! Perfect weather, not too sunny so no sunburn :)
Lets start!
There are some random creatures in the ocean for sure! A fish with legs...scary!

Our haul, literally! mostly scups and seabassess
So relaxing! I want a house off the ocean's shore in the future!
Starving! munching on appetizer sampler and beef spring rolls.

Golfing! Look at my perfect posture :) (posed for demonstrative purposes)

Gorgeous day to spend on the driving range.
My friends are much better golfers than me haha

We grilled the fish we caught for dinner.
I have never eaten anything I hunt (because I have never hunted) 
how primitive of us lol!

The day made me realize how fun it is to do things outside,
which is weird because I really stopped doing all the outdoor activities since I have moved to living in the States.
Life is very short and we've only got to live it once.
I am determined to do more outdoorsy stuff - tennis, sailing, beach volleyball, skateboarding..

What are your favourite outdoor activities?

And I am very sorry that i have been boring you with all these random posts. I know I need to do more cosmetics-related posts. I am just on a stage where I think I have owned way too much stuff so seldom want to buy new stuff to show. Plus, its summer time hence I barely use any makeup. But I promise I am going to make new makeup posts soon. Actually, I have been planning on throwing away a lot of stuff I currently own and buying more high-end makeup. I dont know tho but I need suggestions from you girls!

Jul 21, 2010

EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm


EOS evolution of smooth
95% organic
100% natural
petrolatum & paraben tree
vitamin E
shea butter & jojoba oil

theres no where I found this in Massachusetts so I actually bought mine from a Duane Reade in New York while I was searching for the Aquafina chapsticks (which I couldnt find :( ) As a minty lip balm lover, I had to pick this cute minty green (sweet mint) one rather than the red (summer fruit) or green (honeysuckle honeydew) because its my favorite color and has Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) in it.  The packaging is super cute. It really holds up moisture for a long time and smoothes on clear. its non-greasy formula makes it perfect to be a base before lipsticks. I am dying to try the new yellow one in lemon drop which also contains SPF15!

check out more of their products

Jul 20, 2010

Cortex Flat iron Duo

Hello! I am back with another post!

So before I left for New York I bought these flat irons from TJ Maxx for $30
which is a really good deal considering its usually retails from $80-$100.

I thought the small one is mad cute and perfect for taking along on trips.

- Professional Salon Model
- The finest 100% solid ceramic plates
- Ironized Technology to promote silkier and smoother hair
- Far-infrared Technology delivers consistent heat distribution, while reducing bacteria.
- Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip, designed for comfort
- heats to maximum temperature rapidly
- Swivel cord prevents tangling
- Looped end for easy storage
- Variable temperature settings (140-450"f =230"c)

- 100% solid ceramic plaes wuth Inoic technology
- Heats to 400 degrees (no setting)
- Sleek, ergonomic design with non-slip grip
- Compact size allows for convenient use

Result using Platinum
Before & After

No no!

My hair is pretty fine, not curly but a little wavy and have super dry ends. A good flat iron for me has to be hot enough and release enough negative ions to smoothly seal my ends. The small one is good for travel but its not hot and strong enough to do so for sure. Platinum is okay but honestly I would NOT pay $80-$100 to buy such a mediocre product. It straightens and everything but my hair does not seem to be in better condition. I do not recommend it unless you also buy it for $30.

What do you think? Any recommendations for flatiron around $60-$80?

Jul 19, 2010

Best Weekend Ever in the Empire State!

Hi Dolls What is up?
I just had a wonderful weekend celebrating my friend birthday in New York City.
Prior to the trip I made a trip to Forever 21 to buy some cheap dresses because
1) its cheap so I can keep myself excited for shopping for every trip I go to
2) Also because its cheap and going out outfits, I dont like/need to wear them again.

Wanna see what I did? Let me break it down for you :)

OOTD for Friday night. wanted to stay clean and simple.
NO falsies, NO circle lenses, only using the Kate eye palette which i discovered to LOVE!
I wish I took some pictures of the night but you all know most of the time guys just hate taking pictures

Hotel: The Kitano New York
66 Park Ave (38th) highly recommended

View of the room, with Empire State building on the left!
I was just chilling, watching tv (which I havent done in awhile since I started to work), getting reading to go out in the gorgeous traditional marble bathroom.
First we went to the hotel bar, grabbed a drink and enjoyed a jazz mini concert.
There is also an outdoor patio area that let you enjoy the scene of nyc, of which we did not go :)
Saturday. Alone on the cab cause my friend had to go home in Long Island.
I am on the way to see another friend. Shirt from Free People, new glasses from ysl
Oops forgot to take a pic wearing this dress before I head out for my beloved friend Kristen's birthday!
We ate at John's Grill near Union Square. Food was Delicious!
With half of the crew!
Havent seen you for almost a year!
me and the birthday girl!
simply gorgeousness
LOL too funny
Prom pose! sort of..
already the best one I can use it as a reference of a front view of me wearing the dress

***It was so nice to see all of them again. A year ago we were in Shanghai and a year later we were in New York. I truly appreciate the friendship we have among us. Need quality people like you to fill my life with quality times. I love you all

And sorry for the poor picture quality! I am not able to upload anything straight from iphoto (anyone knows why?) So these are all pictures I stole from my own fb - how pathetic!

Anywayy hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!

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