Jul 31, 2010

Essie Haute as Hello

Essie Summer Collection 2010 - Haute as Hello

A light racy, scorching coral shade that looks soo pretty in the bottle. It turns out to be couple shades darker and a lot more orange on the nails. Furthermore it is matte. I know I could easily put on a top coat to make it shiny but I greatly prefer glossier polishes, just in case I wanted to use it for a quick fix. This is probably the least favorite Essie I have tired :( what do you think?


  1. aw thanks babe! :)
    your nails look gorgeous here, i love the color!
    and yup im using the chanel products minus the blush in the first pic and using a few mac products too


  2. i love the color!!!! where do you get these?

    come check out my blog and hope you subscribe if you like it. thanks, hun!

    Barestudy Blog

  3. cute color ^^ !!! don't really like it matte though =) but the color is nice!


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