Jul 1, 2010

Current shoess

Since I was moving already.. i was thinking I might as well do a little shoes collection sneak peak. I own very limited shoes because I still do not have a place I can call home. Usually I keep to have less than 10 pairs (i know.. pretty impossible right) but honestly I really just wear uggs or rainboots in winter. So yeaa here are my summer most wearable shoes, they are all pretty boring and much all in neutral colors. Just like my collecting habits, cheap and expensive, normal and random all jammed up. enjoy :D

 Old Navy Sandals

Sam Edelman flats from Nordstrom

Random sandals bought during study abroad in Beijing

Ankle Wrapping Sandles from Bakers

Prada Sandals
Forever 21 Flats

Random heels bought from Sanya, Hainan lol

Random department store heels bought in Shanghai

Nine West heels from Nordstrom

Jessica Simpson heels from Nordstrom also

Arent they so boring-_-? yet they are so me i think lol fml
Heading off to Toronto for the long weekend soon!
Happy July 4th everyone! Have a BLASTTTT!


  1. I love your shoes! :D Makes me want to go shoe shopping now!!

  2. theyre not boring at all.
    i LOVE them./<3

  3. there are A LOT of asian food around the area! First Markham Place is filled with asian restaurants (pho, korean, shanghai, etc.) There are also a lot of food places around Hwy 7 and Leslie too. There's a bbt place called Destiny that is decent looking. Within that area, there are restaurants such as Alice Fazooli's, Marlowe, etc if you want white food. I don't think I'll bump into you though, sadly :( cause I'll be heading to New York state tmr night to do some shopping at a few outlet malls. I'm sure you'll have tons of fun in Toronto :) oh, if you wanna check out japanese / korean makeup, you can visit pacific mall. Don't expect the mall to be fancy looking though :S but you'll find interesting things there!

    btw, cute shoes! hehe

  4. What a lovely collection, your Prada sandals are to die for!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  5. theyre not boring :) each of them has their own unique style to them :D

  6. omg shoooeees!!!
    they aren't boring at all!! i love them=]

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  8. nice shoes collection! lol love them all. :)

  9. Very nice shoes~ not boring at all.


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