Jul 12, 2010

Dolly Wink + Kate + Majolica Majorca + Eyetalk... Haul from Hong Kong!

Remember I got to see my best friends in Toronto? They bought me a good amount of stuff I love. Yes Yes yes I can buy them in the US from some websites, but they are much cheaper bought in Hong Kong. Ah I love them <3 sank you sank you!

Here is everything!

My best friend knows I collect Majolica Majorca mascaras too bad she ran out of time to pack so didnt buy me any but she was too nice to give me hers. As one of the original ones, comes with a traditional brush.

OMG its so pretty.. I have wanted a KATE palette for so long. she picked out this new 2010 warm tone brown ones for me. its perfect *tears go down

Dolly Wink Eyeliner. Heard so many good things about it and they are all right! waterproof, does not smudge, easy to control, thick or thin, consistent, its awesomeeee, plus, it adorable!
Eyetalk Lid Glue that I sometimes use to fix my unstable eyelids lol

Mentholatum Sunplay sunscreen. SPF 50 + non greasy. I use it before my makeup base. I am a hardcore Mentholatum fan *hk pride

Hands down my all time fav makeup remover oil!
see more here

Korean Masks i stock up everytime I am in Hong Kong. Loveeeee!

Make sure you check at least some of these when you are in Asia next time :D


  1. wow, what awesome goodies! I really want to try the dolly wink eyeliner and the kate palette. LEt us know how it goes ^^

  2. wow lucky you!! so much goodies, i'm so jealous :D I heard that the Majolica Majorca mascara's good! I'm definitely going to try when I get a chance! And seems like you had a fun time in Toronto! :P

  3. I picked up the same MJ mascara and Kate Palette! I love the sparkle for the eyeshadow. Did you get a chance to try it out yet?

  4. this is really nice, I've always wanted to try the dolly wink eyeliner.

  5. great haul :) i'm jealous! the palettes and dolly wink i'm drooling all over

  6. They eye palette looks so gorgeous! And i really want to try the Dolly Wink eyeliners! >.< xX

  7. i feel you !
    my eyelids are so unstable as well !
    it goes to single when i sleep too much or drink too much the night before or cry :P

  8. I love using the sunplay sunscreens, they're feel so nice and light :)


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