Jul 5, 2010

July 4th Weekend in Canada - Day 1 Markham

Canada was a lot of fun! It is so convenient that Americans can just drive there. It was a 10 hour drive (fol) but the food in Markham made it all worth it! Thanks to my friend Edwina, she recommended a lot of restaurants and places to go to around the area. I am just going to let the pictures do the talk. *pics heavy alert

By the time we arrived in Markham it was 2pm already, my friends were there for visiting all the way from Hong Kong. It was their last day and their flight was at 9pm. They decided to go shopping at Fairview Mall. I was starving but was sooo excited to see New York Fries! I have seen them in Hong Kong but never had a chance to have/ thought its too greasy. But since I was traveling, it makes everything I dont normally eat edible and it was yummmy!

My best friends for more than 10 years.
No one understands me more than you do :(. I dont even know when will be the next time seeing them. hopefully soon!

Outside Fairview Mall. Just grabbing a bite and catching up on lives :)

Thankfully all 3 days I was in Canada were gorgeous. Durable hotness and blue skies everyday.

Times Square Mall. Down the street from our hotel. At first I was like Where the heck is this place.. its a piazza with tons of azn restaurants surrounding a parking lot.

After walking around once, we decided to pick Richmond Court as our dinner restaurant because it looks the most crowded lol

Looking legit right? Its packed with Hong Kongese.
Food gotta b good when you get a scene like this!

Beef Tendon on Egg noodles, Hong Kong style
I love gelatin-ish food. Lots of protein. Not too chewy not too tender, perfectly cooked!
I have never gotten anything even close to this in boston!

Unlike your normal Watercress soup, this one you really taste the yummness of watercress being boiled for a period of time instead of msg.
Feels so good to have good soup after a long day in the car being dry lol

Best of the best!
I am not usually a red bean or Grass Jelly fan I am telling ya but this is soooooo gooood!
The red bean wasnt rotten yet once you put the perfect mix of shaved ice, herbal jelly and red bean mud in the taste hit all your tastebuds.


  1. I'd like to go to Canada one day. :)

  2. the food looks good, especially the beef tendon noodle =9

  3. you are too cute and ohhh the food looks delish! Great photos you look like you had fun!


    PS: I use a SONY touchscreen camera. I forgot the model name will post it later =) I also edited the the saturation to get rid of the smoke from the fireworks. Hope this helps!

  4. I love Canada for their HK-ness feel with a hint of European. LOL Does that even make sense?! Hehe. Looks like you had a blast! I really Want to visit Canada again, Let me know if you have any good suggestions for places to go!

  5. The food looks delicious!
    You make me wanna go there now haha
    But I live downtown and rarely go up so far :(


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