Jul 14, 2010

ELF Haul

I am too lazy to give detail reviews on each of the product.

Things I absolutely like (and will probably repurchase):
Mineral Infused Face Primer <3<3<3
Powder Brush
Cream Eyeliner
Eyeliner Brush

Things that are not bad:
Shadow Primer
Translucent Matifying Powder

Things that suck:
Pressed Powder (Its orangeeee! So awful! shall i consider using it as a blush lol ;)

In conclusion, i think it worth every penny to buy their brushes, esp the ones from their studio line. For the similar prices they are much greater brushes than avon brushes in my opinion. But they also make some pretty awful products. Honestly try to stay away from their foundation stuff. they are no way in hell even comparable to drugstore products.

see my other recent ELF purchase HERE

let me know what you think about elf cosmetics!


  1. I swear by elf studio line, especially their brushes :D They last forever and are the softest! I'm glad you got some of my favourite items!

  2. I just got an order and didn't think to try any of their studio brushes! I own some from their regular line from years ago and thought they were of crappy quality (hairs fell out immediately). The studio one even looks a lot better just appearance-wise.

    I actually prefer reviews like this that really sum up what you love and what is a no-repurchase. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the brushes and primer next time!

  3. I have that Studio Line brush and love it for mineral foundation, and agree with you on the crazy orangeness of the pressed powder!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  4. I placed the order 5th, but until now I still not get the package!!

    so unhappy about their shipping

  5. nice haul :) i still need to try their products. might have to do an order soon :)

  6. I like the list :D I made an ELF purchase a few months ago and I know for a fact they did not have many of the things you have now! LOL :P I bought mostly blushes and one pressed powder. What shade did you get? I felt mine was OKAY after awhile. It didn't suck but it wasn't great either :p

  7. @ Rainy Days and Lattes:
    I got it in Buff and really hates it haha


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