Jul 19, 2010

Best Weekend Ever in the Empire State!

Hi Dolls What is up?
I just had a wonderful weekend celebrating my friend birthday in New York City.
Prior to the trip I made a trip to Forever 21 to buy some cheap dresses because
1) its cheap so I can keep myself excited for shopping for every trip I go to
2) Also because its cheap and going out outfits, I dont like/need to wear them again.

Wanna see what I did? Let me break it down for you :)

OOTD for Friday night. wanted to stay clean and simple.
NO falsies, NO circle lenses, only using the Kate eye palette which i discovered to LOVE!
I wish I took some pictures of the night but you all know most of the time guys just hate taking pictures

Hotel: The Kitano New York
66 Park Ave (38th) highly recommended

View of the room, with Empire State building on the left!
I was just chilling, watching tv (which I havent done in awhile since I started to work), getting reading to go out in the gorgeous traditional marble bathroom.
First we went to the hotel bar, grabbed a drink and enjoyed a jazz mini concert.
There is also an outdoor patio area that let you enjoy the scene of nyc, of which we did not go :)
Saturday. Alone on the cab cause my friend had to go home in Long Island.
I am on the way to see another friend. Shirt from Free People, new glasses from ysl
Oops forgot to take a pic wearing this dress before I head out for my beloved friend Kristen's birthday!
We ate at John's Grill near Union Square. Food was Delicious!
With half of the crew!
Havent seen you for almost a year!
me and the birthday girl!
simply gorgeousness
LOL too funny
Prom pose! sort of..
already the best one I can use it as a reference of a front view of me wearing the dress

***It was so nice to see all of them again. A year ago we were in Shanghai and a year later we were in New York. I truly appreciate the friendship we have among us. Need quality people like you to fill my life with quality times. I love you all

And sorry for the poor picture quality! I am not able to upload anything straight from iphoto (anyone knows why?) So these are all pictures I stole from my own fb - how pathetic!

Anywayy hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!


  1. NY is such fun! You look like you had a great time and that strapless dress is darling. The iphoto to blogger thing (or lack thereof) is an issue and I really wish they would make it possible! Right now I just choose photos I want, export to email as size "medium," drag them to desktop, then upload them one by one. A huge hassle!

  2. You're so pretty :) I love all the dresses you're wearing and New York looks so exciting! I have yet to experience the nightlife there

  3. wow you look so cute!! gorgeous pictures!! all your dresses are so nice too! definitely awesome finds :) Yeaa I don't like to repeat my going out outfits too :S especially the ones with bold patterns!

  4. you're so beautiful!

    i like your hair hehe :)

  5. NY looks fun. :(

  6. You look great :D And NY looks like a whole lot of fun ~

  7. you look gorgeous in your pictures. Glad you had a great time!

  8. looks fun!

    >> beneaththesunn.blogspot.com

  9. OMG, you were so close to me, I'm living on the island...
    You looks so pretty

  10. Gorgeous and looks like so much fun!
    Would love to go to NY one day :)


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