Nov 18, 2012

Majolica Majorca King Lash Review

Shiseido's Majolica Majorca mascaras are always staples in my makeup collection. I got ultra excited when they came out with Lash King for spring 2012. Despite all the ridiculous names in the bunch, Lash King sounds the premium out of the premiums lol. 
Lash King is even more fibrous  yet on the soft side than Lash Expander Frame Plus and Lash Enamel Glamour Volumn on. It claims to volumize and lengthen all at once. I have waited til the beginning wet/ hard to work with stage is gone, and can finally put this into a test. And to be fair, pictures below do not contain any eye makeup.

Bare Lashes to show you I've really got nothing to work on. My natural lashes are very sparse, thin and very light. 

1 Coat of Lash King

2 Coats of Lash King
Without any color makeup but brows and mascara, 
Very happy with the result - the only downside is that it will start to clump if you really want to pack on it. I also wish the formula to be a little harder for our Asian, almost non existant lashes.

Now onto other members in the family - 
Short Recap from left to right |
Lash Gorgeous Wing (very 1st generation MJ mascara, sucks and does nothing to my lashes)
Hope my Lashes are Full and Smooth (Lengthening & Separating - my fav)
Lash Expander Frame Plus (Volumizing and Lengthening, read my review Here!)
Lash Enamel Glamour Volumn on (Volumizing, though really not bad for lengthening)

Hope you're having a good lash day!

Nov 4, 2012

Liese Chestnut Brown Review

It wasn't so long ago since I dyed my hair with Liese Cassis Berry (Review HERE), the red faded several weeks and the blonde was brought out. It's time to get a new one - Liese Chestnut Brown. This time I didn't shoot for anything in particular, just an even coat of brown!

My current hair:
What it comes with:
Hair Dye, pump head, Dye Chemical, instructions, gloves, vaseline (own)
The breakdown:
1. (Optional) Put vaseline around my hair line to prevent from dying chemicals
2. creepily put gloves on (creepiness based on level of eye makeup & severity of eyebags )

3. Pour dye into dye chemicals
4. Turn (not shake!) up and down for the chemicals to mix up
5. Squeeze out foam vertically from the bottle
6. Apply to hair as shampoo
Wait for 25 mins and wash. Tadaa it's done!

It's slight bit darker than what I have now. The chemicals in this one is quite strong. For people who are allergic to dying chemicals might need to watch out. It is a nice medium brown color, not leading to neither red or ash tone. If you need to watch a video runtown, you can check out this post HERE.

For your other references,
Sweet Pink HERE
Cassis Berry HERE

Glossy Brown HERE 
Mocha Orange HERE

Hope you're having a great weekend <3
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