Mar 27, 2011

Kate Brown Collection BR-3 Review (Eyeshadow & Brow)

Finally a beauty product review. Long awaited ^^?

Released in late 2009, "Kate has had great success this year with the Diamond Cut Eyes palettes (which sold 1.1 million units in just 5 months) and Reflect Mirror Eyes palettes (which sold 600,000 units in just 3 weeks when they were released in August). The Brown collection is built around the beige/brown shades that are favoured by most ladies and is likely to be a big hit with the Japanese "office lady" (aka "OL") crowd (also aka ME!!-_-). The four palettes each includes 3 eyeshadows and 2 eyebrow powders. This is the 1st time Kate is including eyebrow powders in its palettes, which will make them even more convenient but for me, it's difficult to get excited about such bland neutrals."  - Perfect description from Haru

Of course I was once again late and didn't get my hands on it til late 2010 fml, and not to mention didn't open it til today fmlx5. 
3 Eyeshadows (With + Without Primer):
- Metallic Grey Undertone Shimmery White = perfect for highlight and inner tear duct
- Shimmery Black = does not look as dark in the pan but dark enough to be alone as eyeliners
- Warm toned Shimmery Baby Pink = I usually hate pastel colored eyeshadow but this pink
2 Brow + Nose color:
- Warm Medium Brown = good match for my new dyed Mocha Orangy Brown hair (review soon!)
- Barely Visible light Brown = impossible to over apply yet very buidable for nose contouring
- Noticeable yet Subtle. As description says, this palette is perfect for day time looks.
- Convenient. Brows and eyeshadow all in one makes it great for traveling or taking to work lol. Truly "all in one" palette.
- Similar to other kate palettes, all the colors are applied to be so "Put Together"
- Long Lasting, for at least 6-8 hours
- Cheap. Sold for about USD$12, or $22 on Yesstyle
- Not the best eyeshadow Quality because it does not feel smooth to the touch, (yet it does to the look), if that makes any sense. Though it is great for the bucks.
Availability. Neither imomoko, sasa and bonjourhk carries it.

My thoughts:
I simply adore makeup with genius ideas. Targeting for lazy people like me, I am pretty sure I will be using this alot this spring and summer. I normally don't even bother putting on eyeshadow in the morning but this would be a great alternative to add ulzzang-ness to the face. The pink color surprisingly adds so much dimension to my eye shape yet does not make them look 'punched'. The black is dark enough to be alone as eyelines. Nose contouring color is so subtle and would not make me look like I was from the 60's/70's. (Another story if you wanted to look like that). This would also be a very good beginner eyeshadow quad since all the shadows are very subtle yet buildable. Noone would go wrong with it.

Would I recommend it?

Yes! An amazing multi-functional product indeed!

What do you think?? Have you come across any multi-functional products like this? And how do you like them?

Mar 22, 2011

Say Aah It's Your Birthday! Say Aah I know You're Thirsty!

Okay, maybe it is not the best song to let everyone know it's my birthday today because it's not Thursday and I am definitely not thirsty (but hungry at the moment). So wish me a happy birthday if you haven't already *no shame greedy face.

Surprise... Surprise...
I am not doing anything special for my actual birthday since it lands on a Tuesday, besides sleeping for 13 hours straight and didn't go to work. My kindness told me not to bother my friends either. Nah, you know I am just joking right? True story was they were insane for the birthday dinner they had with me on Friday! As we were eating dinner at the Japanese fusion Restaurant Asana at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, two of them stole my key and ran to my apartment to decorate!! Of course I didn't find out until after dinner they asked to come to my apartment to chill. I was in awe and speechless when I saw the decoration and wine and champagne and cake. Nobody has never done anything like that to me before. So overwhelmed >< I have the best friends!!!

Look at my overly dramatic face-_-
The Next Morning / sorry it's so messy!
The next morning I woke up to this, well, more like one of the ribbons fell onto my face and woke me up :) The card they gave me is also amazing. It lights up when it's open, and the birthday song music will follow suit once I "blow" the candles. Pretty Cool *Miley Cyrus voice.

Baby also cooked me noodles and gave me a fruit cake it hit 12am midnight, but they look more like they're for ancestors -____-

I should have more pictures for the weekend but I am still waiting to get them. So as for now I am going to share what I have got instead (and will update later). I feel like the age of getting luxury gifts are gone now. Maybe getting money is harder these days (instead of spending my parents), I'd rather spend money eating out with a group of good friends then getting a limited edition Prada purse. I hope my memories do not build upon materials... But getting myself nothing for birthday isn't acceptable either wtf, So...

 What I got for myself:
1) Free People Lacey Top - Look at the details, who can resist?
2) Kiehls Lip Balm Pear -  I hated the original, but saw my friend using this one and fell in love with the smell. Review soon ^^
3) BCBG heels - It was just a urge of femininity to buy heels since I a trying to embrace my age positively instead of killing myself
4) F21 heels - These shoes freaking suck! To all of you out there, never ever buy heels from F21. Rather spend your $20 on twin lobsters in Chinatown. It's so hard to walk in! I have already worn them so have to keep them. I bought a pair of silicon paddings but can't figure out where to put them, anyone knows?

What I have received:
5) Gift from Sephora
6) Wine from friends - one bottle is gone and saving another one for this weekend. Yumm
7) Photo prints from my beloved younger brother - I have been dying to have these prints for ages. All taken by him. Aren't they amazing!? Can't wait to frame them.
8) Marc Jacobs iphone case
9) Links London Bracelet - Gifted by my best friend from Hong Kong. She has the regular version and gave me this mini version from the trip to New York last month. She said so we can match since we are apart ><

It's one of the most memorable birthdays I have had. I simply can't thank everyone enough for everything! It's nothing superficial but filled with love <3 *cries
Sorry for the lack of reviews. March maria just happens to clash with my birthday and my best friend Tedi is coming to visit me from Oregon on Thursday til Monday so if time allows more random life bits and bites will be posted. Hopefully if I wasn't killed by then, more reviews will be on the way!

Mar 19, 2011

Boston Restaurant Week 3 & Birthday Alert!

Much different this time when the biannual Restaurant Week comes around and majority of the restaurants are within walking distance from my apartment.
Sel De La Terre
774 Boylston Street, Boston
I really don't think Sel De Le Terre is worth going to for Restaurant Week. Their regular dishes are not even expensive or anything special. But it was a decision made last minute so it doesn't really matter. Everything was very So-so. The environment, the food and the service...
Charcuterie with jams, pickles, mustard and baguette
Poached local fluke and mussles with saffron potatoes, cider broth and baby Brussel sprouts
Grilled hanger steak frites; red wine-shallot reduction
(Not on the Restaurant Week menu but almost the ONLY good dish of the night)
Coconut panna cotta, blackberries, lemon verbena syrup
Almond cake, cranberry compote, blood orange, vanilla ice cream

359 Newbury Street, Boston
Truly worth it!  Their Dry Aged Sirloin Steaks are to die for! You won't find a more flavorful steak. Their New York strip is dry aged and hand cut in-house. A robust steak that is served au jus with no need for other adornment. The desserts were just okay but the steaks were so good to make up for everything. Surprisingly their filet mignon was just okay but mine was so good so just let my friends suffer *just kidding!

14oz Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry Aged Sirloin with Shallot Butter
(Crunchy on the outside, perfectly medium-rare cooked with the butter taste so soaped up on the inside -
OMG *dies - best steak I have had in life! )
Classic Cream Brulee
Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake
Raspberry Sorbet
Mandarin Oriental
776 Boylston Street, Boston
Always love Asana because it is SO grand especially at night and always the best place to grab a couple of cocktails with friends. Asana has been on my list as one of my absolute favourite restaurants in Boston. Though thhe Restaurant Week menu was just okay this time, (Read the very good one from last time HERE), I decided to have my birthday dinner here instead of Morton's. I will update this post when I get better quality pictures and not have to use these shitty iphone pics -_-.

Okay this is only the first half of the night. My friends actually pulled off some crazy sh*t for my birthday later on that night but will continue this post tomorrow. I was actually tearing up ><)

At this point you probably realize how shallow and superficial I am wtf. I just freaking love going fine dining with friends and spend my money on these unworthy necessities :)

To be continued.... Stay tuned for the post tomorrow!
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