Sep 25, 2011

New Hair Color: Clairol nice'n easy Color Blend foam in 5RB Medium Raddish Brown

Since my hair form dye experiences are a few of the most popular posts in my blogging history, I've promised I will keep you all posted whenever I am changing my hair color. This time around I was shooting for a deep dark burgundy brown color for fall :)

Normally, I would once again go with my Kao Bubble Hair dye (Read my Glossy Brown Here & Mocha Orange Here) but as a curious and responsible blogger, I decided to risk my life and try something new on my hair before you do with yours wtf. It is also a coincidence because a lot of western brands have (finally) come out with their foam dyes. Clariol nice'n easy foam dye in 5BR caught my attention with its gorgeous reddish brown color so I gave it a go...

*Drum sounds. 
How I feel about the product? 
1) Wrong Color - The color came out much lighter than anticipated. It is not completely off but better products can definitely be found.
2) The Worst Smell - Normally the foam dyes have about the same level of smell as regular hair dyes. I have never come across any hair dye that has such strong smell. I legit almost passed out from extremely strong ammonia smell.
3) Flat Fowm - It does not foam up and is hard to apply just as a shampoo (unlike the Japanese ones). Look at my 1st picture as reference. It is not much of a difference than using a gel-form dye, which defeats the whole purpose of using a foam dye-_-.
4) Difficult Wash - I was aware of the difficulty to wash off the dye from my extremely long hair but still, 5 times? That's just too much.
5) Messy - Apart from all the bad things, the absolute worst part of this product is the mess that was made. The foam does NOT come out white. Look at the photo above. It got everywhere, bathtube, sink, bathroom rugs... my light blue towel was also ruined as it wouldn't come off even after 5 washes. 

The good things?
1) Cheap and Widely Available - I got it from a cvs for about $10 and almost all drugstores carry it. But trust me, its not worth the hassle. I recommend paying a few more bucks to get a Kao/Liese one.
2) Smell - the smell after dye isn't as strong though I wonder if my 5 washes had anything to do with it.

Result lol
Upper row - Natural Light
Lower Row - With Flash 

The bottom line is the main purpose using a foam dye is for us newbies is to stay as clean and get the best even-ness as possible from a hair dye, unfortunately of which, this product does not deliver at all. I think the color came out okay though it was NOT the color I expected. Will I buy the product again? Absolutely not. Wayyyy too much hassle. I did not bother making a video of it but I wanna make this post because I simply want you all to stay away from it. 

Sep 18, 2011

Nars Orgasm on Yellow Undertoned Skin

While some products are simply overrated, we can't deny how awesome and versatile some products are. Nars Orgasm Blush is undoubtedly one of the most raved about products in our 21st century Internet oriented makeup world. I have no idea why I picked this up so late, and am so surprised to see how it works wonderfully on my yellow undertone skin. Duh... Winning! *lame, i know wtf
Close up to show you the beautiful gold sheen this blush offers, along with a heavy swatch and light swatch. They show up as a peachy pink color on my skin since my yellow undertoned skin blends right in with the warm gold sheen.Nonetheless it's beautiful blusher that can go light or heavy depending on the occasion.

The Nars Orgasm Blush appears less coral (more pink) on Asian skintone. There are tons of reviews and swatches everywhere I know but I figured since most of the reviews are targeted for caucasian skintone, having pictures of this on my NC30 skin could be helpful, hopefully, to some of you!

Sep 13, 2011

Missoni for Target Haul

Here it is! How many more times do I have to say it? Missoni for Target items are finally out! More than 400 items are not sold in-store (since the Target website has been down for about 12 hours wtf). Yup I was one of those women who knew they would have everything online yet wanted to see everything in person. I was at a Target at 7:50am this morning impatiently waiting for it to let me conquer. They had everything in stock but only 2 per sizes even for kitchen wares and throws.

Needless to say, this collection is simply gorgeous. While I was most excited to check out the home furniture items, I also snagged a few pieces from the clothing collection. Even though I felt like some of the pieces are too mature for my age, a few caught my eyes and got me excited for paying a fraction of the price to own. 

I am not sure if the Target website is going to be back up in anytime soon. I will be posting navigation links when possible. Meanwhile I hope you all enjoyed reading and watching. Good luck shopping!

Sep 11, 2011

NYC Ramen Battle. Totto VS. Ippudo

I don't go to NYC just for ramen (biggest lie). In my recent trips to the city I always somehow ended up getting ramen. I personally love noodles and I love soup. Bammmm ramen is undeniably my favourite food in the entire world, especially the good ones! Such satisfying stew full of meat flavors and chewy housemade noodles.
Totto Ramen
366 West 52nd Street,
New York, NY 10019

65 4th Ave
New York, NY 10003

It's quite a battle. Environment wise, Totto has this Japanese local ramen booth feeling that chain Ippudo doesn't have. Totto also offers a wide range of in house toppings and appetizers (not to mention limited summer specials like the AvoTuna... so good!). There are only about 8 tables in this steamy place. We were legit sweating while eating the 9pepper hot bamboo shoots. It's also because of its small size, we could interact with our lovely chefs and have a nice chat with them. They are so funny and definitely made our experience much more personal!  

However, chain Ippudo offers unbeatable noodles. They are chewy yet blend so well in the broth. As a part of an international chain restaurant, its deco is also more upscale and  comfortable to sit and chat. Their cha-siu buns are the best! This was my second time going to Ippudo and the 1.5 wait was so worth it! 

So no matter how much we want to find a winner between these ramen places we seem not to find a winner! They are different in terms of atmosphere, food and overall experience. It's up to you on what you prefer. 

Do you have a special Ramen place that you always go? Whats the reason why you love it so much?

Sep 8, 2011

A few goodies on my table

Growing up in a multitasking era we seem to fail at sit still and do one thing, right? There are a few products that I keep on my desk to keep my hands and face moist at all time either I am busy browsing the web or reading a book. 
1) Burt's Bee Hand Salve
Whenever since I was given a sample size of this goodie I have been successful in keeping my cuticles out of sight. I believe this is the product that started me message my nails and not to mention let them grow without picking on them. My hands condition is much better than a few years ago thanks to this product thus I always keep (a big) one on the table to keep my hands moist and polished.

2) Crabtree & Evelyn Distillations Refreshing & Conditioning Body Lotions
I am not too picky about body lotion for the summer as long as they are not sticky. Lately I have been addicting to Crabtree & Evelyn's body lotion especially the ones in the Distillations line. The Purifying Eucalyptus + Lime Essential Oils is the orange one with a firmer texture (on right) that has this menthol scent that whereas the Revitalizing Lemon + Coriander Essential Oils is the green one with runnier texture (swatch on left) that literally has an aroma limey scent that I love. Furthermore? I got these from the outlets for $1.25 each on clearance! I stocked up about 10 of them!

3) My Beauty Diary Masks in Lily, Tulip and Phalaenopsis
I have toned down to only use paper masks about once a week in summer but MBD masks remain my favourite because of their affordable prices and various "flavours". If you have watched my MBD review on my YouTube channel (Here) you know that all MBD masks are all pretty much all similar to me. They fit amazingly and are very moisturizing. These flowers ones are refreshing and great alternatives to the ordinary ones.

What do you put on your table and use them constantly?

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