Sep 8, 2011

A few goodies on my table

Growing up in a multitasking era we seem to fail at sit still and do one thing, right? There are a few products that I keep on my desk to keep my hands and face moist at all time either I am busy browsing the web or reading a book. 
1) Burt's Bee Hand Salve
Whenever since I was given a sample size of this goodie I have been successful in keeping my cuticles out of sight. I believe this is the product that started me message my nails and not to mention let them grow without picking on them. My hands condition is much better than a few years ago thanks to this product thus I always keep (a big) one on the table to keep my hands moist and polished.

2) Crabtree & Evelyn Distillations Refreshing & Conditioning Body Lotions
I am not too picky about body lotion for the summer as long as they are not sticky. Lately I have been addicting to Crabtree & Evelyn's body lotion especially the ones in the Distillations line. The Purifying Eucalyptus + Lime Essential Oils is the orange one with a firmer texture (on right) that has this menthol scent that whereas the Revitalizing Lemon + Coriander Essential Oils is the green one with runnier texture (swatch on left) that literally has an aroma limey scent that I love. Furthermore? I got these from the outlets for $1.25 each on clearance! I stocked up about 10 of them!

3) My Beauty Diary Masks in Lily, Tulip and Phalaenopsis
I have toned down to only use paper masks about once a week in summer but MBD masks remain my favourite because of their affordable prices and various "flavours". If you have watched my MBD review on my YouTube channel (Here) you know that all MBD masks are all pretty much all similar to me. They fit amazingly and are very moisturizing. These flowers ones are refreshing and great alternatives to the ordinary ones.

What do you put on your table and use them constantly?

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