Aug 20, 2010

Geo Angel Grey Review

I am probably one of the few newbies in terms of wearing circle lenses. I only wear them for fun once in a while and I only own a few pairs. I refuse to wear them everyday due to the permeability and porosity of color / circle lenses are not as good as regular clear lenses. The bottom line is they are not as comfy and in my opinion why ruining your eyes since you can only have one pair for the rest of your life?

Though I have to admit the effect wearing lenses is so powerful that they could change one person's look entirely. I hope not to depend on these lenses (just as the whole idea of makeup degrading womens' integrity..) Well enough said, let me just shut up and tell you what I think of these lenses...

Geo Angel Grey
from PinkyParadise
Ordered on: July 23rd
Received on: Aug 12th
Price: $19.90 + $6.5 Shipping
Gift: Green Froggie case

Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Brand : Geo Medical
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm


Nighttime with flash

Comfort: 9.5

Very comfortable. I am comparing them to regular Acuvue moist one day lenses and honestly no circle lenses can be as comfy as regular lenses because the rim would be in the way since your pupils expand and shrink throughout the day.

Coloration: 8
See it for yourself :) They are not that noticeable compared to other lenses but still already enough for me, especially in person. I think they do look great and natural in picture day and night.

Enlargement: 7
Quite big but not over-the-top big. I have slowly realize that I do not like the enlargement effect that circle lenses have. I don't look human with crazy enlargements and 14mm is the largest I would go.

If you are looking for something natural that would brighten up your eyes I would definitely recommend this :D


  1. I used to love circle lenses about 5 years ago when not a lot of people knew the risks. Then the doc told me I was getting an infection during my yearly exam but I didn't want to admit that I was using these illegally. Yeah, they can totally enhance the way your eye looks and they do look pretty amazing, but you are so right! You only have one pair of eyes. They did dry the heck out of my eyes so I couldn't wear it for long even if I still wanted to.

  2. I still love the effect that circle lenses have, but I don't wear them very often anymore because they started making my eyes very just about everything. they also dried out my eyes a lot too...but with that said, I'm silly because I still wear them sometimes for short periods of time but def not as often as I use to. Cool review, I had the Geo Nudy Grey ones and they made my eyes look quite blue whereas these ones make your eyes look turquoise in the photos.

  3. im so tempted to buy some now!
    i'm so scared that i'd damage my eyes cos of miscare!

  4. I am smitten with your contacts case with the frog caps. They're so cute!! Where did you purchase it from?

  5. I have these lenses too :)
    I don't wear circle lenses much anymore... too lazy hehe Y_Y
    It looks nice on you.

  6. oo i've tried geo angel blue before and loved it. grey looks great too! :D

  7. ah angel greys! i happened to recently purchased the super angel grey (i think 14.3mm). i also did not like the enlarging effect, it is a bit too enlarging for me. 14mm nudy brown is my favorite!

  8. I like those geo angel grey circle lenses! I know what you mean with how the enlargement effect can be very intimidating. =s p/s: I love your night eye makeup. Can you a tutorial for it please? ^^

  9. aww these grey ones are pretty! the geo angel series is my fave of my circle lenses :) these are one of the best greys i've seen because they don't look robotic like most.

    your smiling eyes are so cute and pretty :)

  10. I used to own this pair and absolutely loved it. But now, I stopped wearing circle lenses to prevent my eyes from getting worse or possibly blind. Its crazy when I heard those words, but its the truth. Gotta face the facts even if we don't want to. They look great on you regardless!

  11. they look really pretty and natural on you.. but you already have pretty eyes - dont need circle lenses! XD

  12. thanks for the revieww ;) it looks really cute, i'm still contemplating which circles to get nextt and these might be it!

  13. your contact lens case is so cute, frogs XD

    But I wanna get a pair too... XD!

  14. This grey looks really alluring. I love my coloured lenses subtle.

    I totally agree with you about not wearing these circle lenses too often. There are many ladies out there who have gotten so used to their pretty eyes with these lenses they they can't live with thei normal clear lens. It won't be good for their eyes in the long run but I guess they know they're running a risk too.

    What cute froggie case you have!

  15. they look really good on you especially with the eye makeup

  16. your eyes are pretty sweetie.I'm right now having a giveaway make sure you take a look.


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