Aug 9, 2010

Island Breeze on Martha's Vineyard!

Martha's Vineyard - an island off the south of Cape Cod in New England that is the 3rd largest on the East Coast of the United States. It is the largest true island that is not connected to mainland US by a bridge or tunnel. Visiting the island is one of my summer traditions and this weekend was perfect! 80"F slightly windy so we didn't get our asses burnt on the beach :P

outfit of the day - dress from Forever 21
I also have another one in different colors that I wore on the New York trip awhile ago.

 Going to Martha's Vineyard requires a 2 hour drive from downtown Boston to
the southest point - Cape Cod.

From there, we took my parents' boat to the island.

Just kidding! I wish! Maybe someday.
We took a boat that loads tons of people onto the island every hour or so.

Ready to take a picture? Yes! Ready.. 3..2..1.. WTH!?

 First thing to do on Martha's Vineyard - get a moped!

Drive around you wouldn't miss this type of beautiful houses...

Or some ridiculous scene like this!

The motepad guy recommended us to try out the cheesy fries from Smoken' Bones on Circuit Street.
He made it seem like it was the last thing he would have before he dies so we had to try it.
And it turned out to be NOT THAT GOOD-_- the ribs and corn bread are pretty good tho!
In conclusion: Don't trust people from an island when it comes to food lol.

After a little drama of losing our moped key in our moped seat, we went Kayaking!
It was a lot of fun though my arms were so sore afterward!
How about a couple of Frozen Lemonades on the beach?
The booth behind me is a must-go place located at the Little Bridge area.
Watermelon Lemonade. YUM!

Nice and cool. Its about time to get some sunkissed tan!
Told you.. matching nails (lame!)

There are so much you could do on the island, such as para-sailing.
Too bad we went out of time :(

Time flies, doesn't it? Now the weekend is gone and it is time to come back to the reality.
Regardless! It was a super fun weekend and I highly recommend you to go if your around New York or the New England area!


  1. i love cape cod! :) it looks like your trip is TONS of fun, im jealous!

  2. WOW you had a blast. It looks amazing there, your pictures show it all. BTW I'm Mara and officially a new follower of you. I love your blog already. :)

  3. kayaking or canoeing is soo much fun! love it!

  4. your romper is so cute :D looks like a blast and so sunny and nice!

  5. you look really cute here, and it looks like you had a lot of fun. very beautiful there!


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