Nov 6, 2011

October Favorites - MAC Gingerly, Inglot e/s, Laneige, Skinfood, Orly...

This month I really started to feel a little overwhelmed by how many new products I had the desire to try out. Besides the swap from Cathy that I never got around to review, I am waiting for my $500 Sephora F&F package. The sad truth is I want to try them all, however the daily 15 min makeup routine doesn't permit. Too many products, too little time :( Anyway, I realized I had to do this to apologize the lack of updates for you wtf so lets jump into everything...

Inglot Palette - One of the very summery palettes that I can easily alternate the darker colors for fall and winter. Cathy sent me this during our swap because Inglot in the US does not sell pre-made palettes. I will be sure to do a more throughout review on all my Inglot eyeshadows since I did pick up another 10 color freedom system palette from NYC a few weeks ago. But as for now, you can read my very old review HERE to get a sense. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, "wet" in my opinion and very comparable to MAC's.  Picture above is one swipe of the eyeshadows.

Kate Palette - Brown Collection in BR-3 - The pigmentation and quality are not necessarily superb however I love the concept of combining brow powder and eyeshadows in one. This baby is always in my morning makeup bag (since I do my makeup in the work bathroom every morning wtf). Having this I can easily make sure that neither my brows or eyes were left behind wtf. The brushes that come with are of great use as well; The small brush allows me to add colors on my brows within seconds whereas the tiny tip of the other brush allows me to line my eyes using the black shadow. Swiping the pink color all over my lids and dapping the lightest silver color on the inner corners, I am good to go!

Majorlica Majorca Enamel Glamour Volmne On mascara - Newest release of the Shiseido Majorlica Majorca family aka my new love (though I got it in late 2010-_-). Read my complete review HERE

Skinfood Lime Secret Shine Base - I love my base makeup to be a little more luminous, especially for the dry fall and winter. Love adding a drop of this to the base makeup I am using... works great with all BB Creams and foundations. It can also be used alone as a highlighter like the Benefit Moon beam. Though this one is much more luminous and silky however does not grease up on the skin. It is affordable (not cheap but comes in such ginormous volume) and versatile.

MAC Gingerly Blush - One of the recommendations after I saw Sharon's favorite blush video (Check out her channel HERE, 1000 thumb ups!!). Putting Mocha and Plum Foolery aside, I started using Gingerly everyday, this dark nude neutral coral color works well and gives me a hint of romantic check no matter what eye look I am wearing. I notice that it is a bit chalky than other MAC blushers (maybe just mine?!), yet still a wonderful must have blush and fall version of my all time favourite Melba

Laneige Hydra Solution Activator - using this alone as a serum does not give me enough hydration during the night however padding this on before my sunscreen and makeup in the morning is great! I notice my face has become a better canvas for makeup to stay put longer and my t-zone is also not as oily. Perhaps I am just happy to find a way to make this work so I dont regret carrying this all the way back from Korea wtf.

L'oreal Collagen Moisture Filler/Combleur Hydratant - my favorite night cream at the moment! I first started using it but it broke the hell out of me. It was too oily on my T-zone though I noticed a pretty obvious change on the moist level on my cheeks and forehead. After 2 nights my skin started to react to this differently. It stayed on til the next morning and I notice that my fine lines are slowly diminishing. I am sure my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum helps (a lot) too but this cream builds a fortification to lock all the nutrients in the skin overnight. (Talk about skin war!) My skin still feels moist the next day. I am already on my second bottle and am planning to use this to fight the New England cold throughout the winter. If you have relatively drier skin and love a super thick cream for the night like me, give this a go!

Orly Rage - Holymoly, I love this polish so much. The color is fierce, shimmery yet subtle enough for work. With different lightings, it may appear as a rose gold or bronze gold. It compliments my yellow undertone skin, applies well with 2 coats and barely chips. Pictures are taken after 10 days of wear. Go figure!

So here are my October favorites. Give me another week and I will be full gear blogging and making videos! A lot of haul, skincare and makeup posts will be coming shortly. Thank you very much for reading and I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

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