Dec 25, 2011

Holiday Glam Makeup in Cantonese

How can you call it holiday makeup without glittery shimmery eyeshadow and red lip? This is my first (hopefully not last!) holiday makeup tutorial and hope you all like it. I decided to film this in Cantonese, well, because I feel like speaking it is easier for me to express what I wanna say. Often time especially in videos I had to think about how to phrase my sentences and put them in the grammar. It's tiring, man. 
Nonetheless, this is my first (hopefully not last!) holiday makeup tutorial and hope you all like it. I will probably wear this look when I am in nyc again for new years eve. I wish I had more time to blog and film but I am preparing for my trip to see my family overseas in 2 weeks piling on top of the stress of moving out possibly at the worst time of the year in 2 days..

If I don't get to talk to you all soon, have a great nye! I will see you all in 2012!

Dec 23, 2011

New York Christmas & Bibimbap cake?! (pics heavy)

From a spontaneous nyc trip last week - I have actually never been to nyc during xmas times. Thank god we didn't get frozen asses unlike this time (HERE), it was surprisingly quite nice to even walk outdoor at this time of the year!

Passing the oh so famous skating rink at Rockefeller Center, looking at the festive decorations on all the big stores on 5th Ave, it was wonderful being able to take some time off from work and just walk around the beautiful city. I couldn't stop but thinking all day - how am I going to throw a little surprise for my friend's belated birthday? As usual, we had dinner at BCD Tofu House at K-town.

When our table was ready, I pretended I wasn't warm so I didn't take my jacket off. While she was looking at the menu, I snapped the star shaped candles that I was carrying all day right to my jacket pocket. I then pretended to go to the bathroom and talked to the Manager at the back.

Me: Hi Manager, its my bestie's birthday, can you please use these candles on a dessert dish? What do you have?

Manager: We don't have desserts here.

Me: (thinking what kind of restaurants doesn't serve desserts these days, while peeking to see if she was looking at our direction or not) What about chocopies? Can you put a candle on a chocopie and bring it out?

Manager: We don't have chocopies either...

Me: (speechless, thinking wtf Korean restaurant doesn't have chocopies?)

Manager: *lightbulb* (half screaming) Pork! Pork on the bibimbap! 
(He then took my star shaped candles and quickly put them in his pocket, gave me this Asian OK)

To be honest I had no idea what he meant but I assumed he knew what he was doing since he is the manager and gave me that OK. I saw they prepare the candles at the back corner while my bestie had her back facing them. The manager and two other staff (one holding a piece of cardbox paper, the other one not sure) came to explain and told me he specifically put the candles on the pork and said he was really smart to think of that.

While I was expecting the pretty candles on a bibimbap, all we saw was pink candle wax all melted -_- We almost laughed our asses off. So many people so much effort so little result eh? To make the matter worse, they weren't my candles! The very kind manager stole my candles and used his own cheapass ones wtf. I complained to him and all he did was give me this stupid grin wtf

Anyway, he brought us the 2nd round of cheapass candles for pictures without explaining the loss of my candles...

We had a great time despite the silly manager's farce. Japchae, bibimbap, soondubu. Everything is as good as usual!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas weekend already! <3

Dec 18, 2011

Currently Loving: Scents + Moisture

I am now launching "currently loving" series on my blog since there are many products that I don't really have the time to review separately, and that I am always late for my monthly favourites. It might be a collection of products that I am using at the moment (like HERE), or some LOTDs showcasing the products (like HERE).

Lately I have been obsessed with scented products - perhaps since I am not able to smell my parents in this upcoming christmas wtf

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Body Spray
I mainly got this because it reminds me of high school. As one of the most popular BB&W scents, a lot of my friends used to love this scent. Its very sweet, flowery & girly. I like to spray it after shower, sometimes on my robes or towels to remind me of the good ol' days that were spent care-freely eating cheap salads from the high school cafeteria wtf.

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Creamy Cleanser
How much I am loving Crabtree products atm! This creamy cleanser is so smooth and I love the scent. It's very clean and smells expensive. I like the concept of rubbing the cleanser on dry skin before washing it off. It feels cleaner than regular cleaners and perfect for washing our hands in winter. It doesn't give me that streakiness after washing my hands. 

Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Age Defying Hand Remedy 
(aka rejuvenating hand remedy)
Said to be the "pre" base before your actual hand cream, this light textured, immediately absorbed formula is what I like about this handcream the most. I can put it on and put my hands on the wheel right away. I find it significantly reducing the fine lines on my hands only after using it for a few weeks.

Not sure I never used Carmex until this point after living in this country for quite some time now? It's seriously becoming my favourite lip moisturizer. As many of you know, waxy lip balms (aka kiehls, vaseline etc...) are really not my cup of tea but this is my cup of coffee! It stays on amazing, keep my lips moist and from peeling. For $1 a pop, what more can I ask for?

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait
Yes yes yes, I know this is one of the most anticipated lip products of the year but honestly I do not understand what the hype is about. It's included in this list because it has a nice finish (only under direct sunlight). However, comparable to Dior Addict lipsticks (Review HERE)? No, no and NO. I own a darker color as well and will do a complete review later. I also find it difficult to open the cap. Peach Parfait is a everyday color and I am trying to use it everyday to get rid of it. Overall the product is okay but not great. Loving? the concept.

What have you been using lately? 

Dec 11, 2011

NYC Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balms + Belated November Favourites

NYC Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balms in Sugar Baby, Sugar Angel & Sugar Fairy
and swatches
This review has been held off for awhile now because I have been using these so much on the go. They are either sitting in my car or my purse. For less than $3 a pop, these lip balms fit right in the category of lip products that I like - moisturizing like lip balms, pigmented and glossy like lipglosses. 

Sugar BabySugar Angel & Sugar Fairy respectively

These can be applied either in a thin sheer layer as a clear lip balm or a thick later as a lipgloss. My lips are very pigmented so the photos above probably don't adjust the real pigmentation of these lip balms. I personally like Sugar Baby the most and in person it is also the color that shows up the most. For drier months I am quite hesitant to use lipsticks and these fit right in the category that is moisturizing yet has s slight tint of color.

Last but not least, if you haven't checked out my SUPER belated November Favourites yet...

Don't forget to check out my blog sale!! Most things are under $10 with free shipping in the US.
Please go to for more details. An actual review will be posted real soon (within this week). Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

Dec 4, 2011

Nars Danmari All About Cheek Palette Review + FOTD

This palette was undoubeledly one of the most anticipated products from my Sephora F&F sale haul from last month (video HERE) First off I don't have a lot of Nars products and secondly I was looking for a travel palette. This seems perfect because it not only contains Orgasm (review HERE), but also a highlight color, a contour color and 3 other blushers.

Each color is 0.12 Oz. which is 3/4 compared to a regular size 0.16 Oz Nars product which retails for $27. The Danmari palette retails for $65. You do the math. I got it for 20% off which is about $52. That's the price for less than 2 blushers.

 If you saw the Nars deal on you could even get it for $40 because they posted a deal you pay $50 for $80 worth of Nars products. Another $10 off for anything over $20. A total steal!

Hungry Heart Duo III | Orgasm | Desire
Casino | Super Orgasm | Sin

Hungry Heart Duo III - This color looks great from far away, however contains micro gold flecks that I personally am not a big fan of (unless you want to look like a disco ball from the 70s wtf). It might be better to be used on the inner corners of the eyes or as eyeshadows. See picture above.

Orgasm - Needless to say, one of my favourite blushes of all times. Great for everyday and is suitable for all skintones. Separate review and in action HERE.

Desire - Very pigmented blush and need a very light hand to apply. It gives a nice flush like you just worked out. I am dabbing the tiniest amount and using it in the pictures below.

Casino - For me its looks like browner version of Benefit Hoola except it is not as pigmented and finely milled. It however is very buildable and stays on nicely for hours. See pictures for reference.

Super Orgasm - Another great brush that would not be as versatile as Orgasm because of its glitters. However I should be able to consume a lot of it during the holiday seasons and Chinese new years wtf.

Sin - The color is not as dark as in the pan and actually goes on as a darker plummy pink color. This plummy blusher would be great for the ashy tons shadow that are frequently worn during winter. 

Now FOTD using Hungry Heart Duo III as highlight on cheek bones, Casino as contouring bronzer & Desire as blush. 

To sum up,  I like everything about this palette. I just wish that they would only include a more versatile highlight color instead of HHDIII. Also, aren't Orgasm or Super Orgasm included in most Nars palettes already? But all in all I love this and will definitely get a lot of use out of this especially during my time overseas in the upcoming months.

Oh lastly, if you are interested in picking a few things from my garage sale (most things about around $10 with free shipping), make sure you check out my blog sale website or simply click on the logo on the left bar. Give my stuff a second chance of love!

Dec 2, 2011

Inspired MOD SQUAD

Inspired by the truly stylish Alexandra from HRHCollection (get more inspirations from her HERE) and her simply genious idea of mixing 2 nail colors together, I finally painted mine with OPI's Java Mauve-a and Orly's Rage - my favourite polish of the year.

Excuse for my not so perfect nail painting skills. I found my newest purchase OPI's Java Mauve-a to be a little too dark for my taste but adding the shinny Orly's Rage on one side is like adding gold to the finger tips. So mod, so 70s. I love it.
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