Dec 23, 2011

New York Christmas & Bibimbap cake?! (pics heavy)

From a spontaneous nyc trip last week - I have actually never been to nyc during xmas times. Thank god we didn't get frozen asses unlike this time (HERE), it was surprisingly quite nice to even walk outdoor at this time of the year!

Passing the oh so famous skating rink at Rockefeller Center, looking at the festive decorations on all the big stores on 5th Ave, it was wonderful being able to take some time off from work and just walk around the beautiful city. I couldn't stop but thinking all day - how am I going to throw a little surprise for my friend's belated birthday? As usual, we had dinner at BCD Tofu House at K-town.

When our table was ready, I pretended I wasn't warm so I didn't take my jacket off. While she was looking at the menu, I snapped the star shaped candles that I was carrying all day right to my jacket pocket. I then pretended to go to the bathroom and talked to the Manager at the back.

Me: Hi Manager, its my bestie's birthday, can you please use these candles on a dessert dish? What do you have?

Manager: We don't have desserts here.

Me: (thinking what kind of restaurants doesn't serve desserts these days, while peeking to see if she was looking at our direction or not) What about chocopies? Can you put a candle on a chocopie and bring it out?

Manager: We don't have chocopies either...

Me: (speechless, thinking wtf Korean restaurant doesn't have chocopies?)

Manager: *lightbulb* (half screaming) Pork! Pork on the bibimbap! 
(He then took my star shaped candles and quickly put them in his pocket, gave me this Asian OK)

To be honest I had no idea what he meant but I assumed he knew what he was doing since he is the manager and gave me that OK. I saw they prepare the candles at the back corner while my bestie had her back facing them. The manager and two other staff (one holding a piece of cardbox paper, the other one not sure) came to explain and told me he specifically put the candles on the pork and said he was really smart to think of that.

While I was expecting the pretty candles on a bibimbap, all we saw was pink candle wax all melted -_- We almost laughed our asses off. So many people so much effort so little result eh? To make the matter worse, they weren't my candles! The very kind manager stole my candles and used his own cheapass ones wtf. I complained to him and all he did was give me this stupid grin wtf

Anyway, he brought us the 2nd round of cheapass candles for pictures without explaining the loss of my candles...

We had a great time despite the silly manager's farce. Japchae, bibimbap, soondubu. Everything is as good as usual!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas weekend already! <3

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