Feb 12, 2011

The 2 days that were gone by the quickest... NYC

Hi Dolls! How was life sans me? I was just escaping from you all for participating my cny giveaway wtf - Just Kidding! I took 2 days off from work this week to meet up with my best friend Gigi from Hong Kong. She is not my blood sister but she is to me. She has the coolest job working for Cathay Pacific and New York City was her stop this week. It was her 1st time to NYC so we did a bunch of touristy stuff. Stay tuned and you'll see.

450 E 29th street
New York, NY 10016
The first night I went was the last day of New York Restaurant Week (I had never tried!). If you're wondering what Restaurant Week is - it's basically two weeks in a lot of American cities that a lot of restaurant would have a discounted price for people cheap/poor like me who usually won't splurge out that much on food to try out many regular items on the menus. I figured I could seize this opportunity to take pictures of myself to look like I DO have friends to celebrate birthdays with-_-

It's because we are always apart and I never get to celebrate with her (or anyone in general fml) To PRE-celebrate my birthday (which is actually in March lol), I bought my own candle wtf.

Ok - now my birthday celebration is done. Gigi was so tired so we went back to the hotel and passed out. The next day we did the most touristy activity ever - Visit the Statue of Liberty! which is fine because I have never been either (How American am I right?)
"This looks like a prison!" said Gigi.

We are at this subway station and OMG it's SO gross. All nyc metro stops are pretty gross and smelly and ghetto to begin with but this one is Ultra gross. It looks more like BioHazard - the online game where zombies jump out to suck your blood wtf. The whole time Gigi who is so used to her efficient clean mtr of Hong Kong was in a crying voice "Where are we? Why are we here? What is this place?" Of course we laughed it off later. See told you. That's why taking cabs is much more of a better choice when rendering around the city.

It was really fun! Despite the fact that it was 0"F (-15"c) and so windy outside. I also like how the best picture of us taken by another tourist is this one with the face of the Statue got chopped off...-_-''

Times Square is also as pretty as always. Time for touristy shotss! It was freezing so I took her to eat warm Korean spicy soup with everything inside (***PLEASE tell me what it's called!!) Ramen, veggie, sausages, rice cake, pasta, tofu, pork...
Pocha 32
15 W 32nd St # 2
New York, NY 10001-3229
It was amazing but definitely challenging for our HKese taste buds. We secretly poured half of the tab water in and it was still SO spicy. I think we spent no less then 1.5 hour to finish eating lol. The next day we kicked off the day with eating again. Dear all fat pigs, ready to drool?

80 Spring Street
NY 10012
Balthazar is a French restaurant that offers one of the best seafood platters in the city. Located in Soho, it was a perfect lunch before we walked all our fat off by shopping :) Le Grand - Plateaux De Fruits De Mer, the smaller seafood platter is HUGE! We had to stand up just to take a picture.. which was kinda awkward in such tight spaced French restaurant. Not to mention Gigi and I are both shell seafood lovers. This combo of oysters, little neck clams, raw scallops, razor clams, cocktail shrimp, crab mayonnaise, octopus salad was Oh So Perfect!

Shopping from day to night, Soho to Fifth Avenue. I didn't buy anything tho (whoa, what a good kid!?)
Dinner at Ktown again. Yes I have no life I just love Korean food so much I can eat it everyday.

BCD Tofu House
(I always visit when I go to nyc)
17 W 32nd st
New York, NY 10001

Bye babygirl. See you next time, in LA maybe?

How is everyone's life been? Update me update me!! I want details!

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