Feb 20, 2011

New hairstyle? New color?

2 out of 3 L'OrĂ©al Professionnel release on 2011 s/s are exactly what I am aiming for when my next hair cut comes around -  HELP ME CHOOSE!

1) Short Irregular Bob
Almond chocolate color - Coupled with geometric shaped multiple streaked purple and brown highlights to create the sense of dark hair.

2) Long Hair with Bangs Straight Across Bangs
Vanilla chocolate color - Together with subtle lighter brown highlights to intensify the look
Similar to my mushroom hair I had about a year ago.
3) Ultra Curly Hair
Sugary almond milk color - Complimented with light brown to gold highlights.
I simply do not think this is possible for me to maintain my hair this way but the picture look SO cute. Too bad I am not cute wtf.

Little bit about my hair:

Without & With flash

I wanna dye it :
I was about to dye it reddish brown but I always prefer golden/ashier brown for spring or summer. It just feels lighter and goes better with the summery stuff I wear.

I wanna cut it :
It's after I washed it before I went to bed last night and all tangled up, especially the ends. Too much split ends and too dry to manage every morning -_- Unless I do a major hair cut to trim away all the damaged hair from the last 5 years, I don't think my hair would ever be healthy. But I do love the feeling of having super long hair. I am a boy inside and no doubt having long hair makes me feel more feminine for my gender wtf.

What do you all think? 1 or 2?

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