Feb 17, 2011

Pink kissable lips for Valentines/Single Awareness Day

I am late but I don't really give a damn. Not to sound cynical or anything but I personally think that Valentines Day is most commercial manufactured day to imitate love. Thanks to the media everyone thinks that something special needs to be done that day. Flowers need to be overpriced, restaurants need to be overbooked. As shallow as it, I was once like that - receiving expensive purses, eating out at the fanciest restaurants, expecting a full day rundown of activities. Maybe I am just seriously getting old and losing my charm wtf, I really haven't done anything really special over the past valentines days in years. Don't take me wrong, I am sincerely happy to see couples celebrating their "special" day. At least it is just not for me anymore. If you have loved the right person, everyday is your Valentine's Day, isn't it?

Coincidentally I saw these amazing photos on Cosmogirl and was inspired to pull of this look of pink lips to fit into this Valentine's theme - sarcastic enough? Nah, its spring sakura blossom, depends on how you interpret it.

The more I talk about it the deeper gap of controversy I think I am falling into, so shut up and post:

I wear this look quite often. Simple no elongated eyeliner, minimal blush and eyeshadow. A pop of lip color to wrap up and brighten the whole look。That's the easiest! What do you think? Do you use bright pink lipsticks too?

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