Feb 2, 2011

Chinese New Year Giveaway (Essie x J.Crew mini nail polish set)

Happy year of Rabbit 兔 <3
喺度祝各位玉兔迎春. 前兔似錦. 揚眉兔氣. 兔屬不凡  動如脫兔. 兔年行大運. 兔和食得.宏兔大展. 動如脫兔. 揚眉兔氣! 恭喜 恭喜!

What is your Chinese zodiac?
I am a rabbit aka I am so old-_-

I wish you all have a wonderful year of rabbit (if it means anything to you...) Do you come across anyone who celebrates Chinese New Year? My family don't have the tradition to celebrate. Indeed, we went on family trips once a year right at the new years time to "escape" from relatives visits lol. My parents went to South Africa last year, Europe the year before and New Zealand the year of the year before for the holidays. They apparently like to go nicer places when my brother and I are not home (wtf). But my mom's passport expired this year and they are going to Yunnan, China only this time. HAHA that's right!

Anyway back to topic, I want to make this super quick and easy giveaway for returning the granted love from all of you. It's going to be hosted on my youtube channel this time.

Rules (Simple and easaayyy) -

To participate you have to be:
1) Subscriber to my channel
2) Follower on my blog
- open internationally (yay!)
- If you're under 18 please ask for perents' permissions

- put your Youtube username  and URL of your blog all in ONE comment below the video

You'll win:

Prima Ballerina - a creamy, natural pale pink
Clambake - a creamy red-orange
Jelly Apple - a delicious and sweet candied red
Innocent - a dusty dark pink
How cute!

Good Luck and once again, Happy Chinese New Year!! Tell me if you're doing something fun!
Posting here doesn't count as entering the giveaway but of course you can always leave me love comments^^

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