Jul 30, 2011

Last Friday night...

...was one of my besties Tiffany's birthday and of course she deserves to have the best. Having been to Oishii 3 times, this was actually the very best one and only time that I believe worth blogging about (not the prices but the visuals of the food). Unlike those Chinese-owned Japanese restaurants, Oishii offers fine decorated Japanese cuisine that are edible wtf.

1166 Washington Street, 
Boston MA 02118

Food was amazing and cocktails were perfectly mixed. Knowing we were super unprepared, the chief (that you can actually spot on their website slideshow) even treated Tiffany a dessert for her birthday. It was an edible coconut shell ice cream that sinks out of nowhere haha. Ah we had a great time and more importantly,  Tiffany had a great time :D

Happy Birthday again sweetheart!

Jul 28, 2011

Missha Lipstick - Luminous Color Lip Rouge in BE202 review

I own a good amount of lipsticks but rarely baby pink ones. Its because I am too cool to own any wtf. Nah I meant to say its difficult to find baby pink lipsticks that match my yellow undertoned skin, and especially hard when I am about NW30ish now (extra yellowness it is!). What do I do when I want specific shades? I look into Asian cosmetics companies. Bottom line is they target for the Asian market aka testing if the colors are nice on Asian skintone. I adore how all Missha lipsticks are very basic colors. It's easy to navigate what you want. If you want a baby pink, you will get a baby pink. 

About this Missha Luminous Color Lip Rouge Lipstick in BE202...

Enriched with a jewel complex, mango butter and botanical oil that nourishe and keep lips soft, this lipstick is very moisturizing. While it might accentuate lines on the lip when first applies, it will become a dewy pigmented glossy finish after a couple swipes. The dewy finish lasts a good amount of time too. With the medium pricetag ($15 on the Missha USA website), I am impressed! 

What are your recommendations for baby pink lippies?

Jul 24, 2011

Everyday Loose Curl Tutorial

Eeeek! Since a lot of you have asked me about my slightly curled hair in some of my ootd videos, its easier for me to do a quick demo and put it in action showing you what I do to my hair. Its a rather suitable day since my hair is super frizzy and wavy (blame the pool chlorine), and definitely need some styling to tame down the craziness.
I am not a super hair pro so I just curled my hair my way.

- I do NOT clip or ponytail my hair into several areas before curling (due to nothing more but laziness.)
- I separate my hair into only left and right 
- Start curling from bangs to back for each side vertically
- ONLY curl hair away from the face, so same direction all throughout for each side
- Curl from the middle down if its a 'upper' strand
- Curl from the beginning if its a 'lower' strand

- Take vertical strand of hair to curl, if its too thick I would separate it horizontally

Products used:
Suave Heat Protection Spray

Jul 22, 2011

Etude House Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream Review (Sheer Glowing Skin)

I don't do a lot of sample reviews but decided to do one for this since it's raved by so many Asian Makeup Gurus. I was given a handful of samples (7 of the same thing to be exact) by the oh-so-generous Etude House staff when I visited Korea. It made me feel like they were either highly advertising this product or it sucks so bad that they had to give the samples out like rice wtf.

Swatches -
Yes the color does NOT match my skintone but it seems to be the only color they offer

 Before & After
(notice undereye dark areas for significant coverage)
Dryness is accentuated however the overall semi matte finish is quite nice
I look like a freaking ghost and this bb cream isn't helping. 

Here are my thoughts:

- Vitamine E and other ingredients for whitening/brightening
- Olive, Cucumber, Aloe vera, Lemon, Mango, Kiwi extracts to sooth skin
- Stay on for a long time and does not need touch up
- Does not oxides as a lot more other bb cream
- Nice finish with semi-dewy look
- Medium to High Coverage
- Spf 30 pa+++
- Pretty Cheap (Get it from Amazon for $20.98-
 ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral BB Cream 60g - #2 Sheer Glowing Skin SPF30/PA++)

- Texture isnt the smoothest among all other bb cream
- Ecentuate dryness
- Limited color range

This shear glow BB Cream is targeted for people who have drier skin (like myself) but I would only recommend it to people who have similar skintype like me but do not like dewy finish. I personally will not buy this. Etude House also offers another mineral BB Cream for oily skin, of which the bottle is white.

Jul 19, 2011

[Tutorial] Summer Bronze Makeup

My skin is still recovering from an allergic reaction so don't be surprised to see small bumps on my face but as promised I am doing the look of my FOTD I posted a few posts back. This is the summer bronze look that I have been loving and wearing almost everyday (well, minus the lashes and circle lens).

Products used: (reviews in separate posts linked)
Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder in 30 Natural
Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer
Maybelline Eyeshadow in Mocha Motion (Brow)

Camwhore more, why not?

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