Jul 17, 2011

why i love boston so much...

Boston = great friends, great eat out places and not as unhandlable as nyc. A typical weekend spent in Boston usually involves picking a restaurant in South End (caz parking is hella 'easier' than North End) and walking around some outdoor Sunday vintage market. No exception for this weekend...

522 Tremont Street, 
Boston 02118
The Butcher Shop is the perfect place to have a glass of wine along with a small bite or linger over a meal. We were so lucky to only have a wait of 45 mins, which we took to walk around an art gallery nearby. The atmosphere is so chillax and we enjoyed every single bit of it. Kids tried to scare us by standing by the glass haha. There is only a picture of the $56 prime rib that I didn't bother to post a picture here. Elsewise, both the Steak Tartare and Duck with Fra Gras are one of the very best I have had in town.
Park Plaza, 1 Columbus Ave,
Boston 02116
Creme BruleeLemon RouladeManjari MousseHot Fudge SundaeFinale CheesecakeBoston CreamWhoopie PiesApple Cranberry Tart and Gelati & Sorbet. Nothing new but still satisfying about Finale Dessert Sampler right?

Sowa Sunday Market
460 Harrison Ave
Boston 02118
Vintage jewelry, cupcake soaps, hot dog stands, studio paintings, fresh food and plants. What is better than this to get everything you shop, eat, relax and get inspired all at one place?

Boston Common
Being as the oldest American public garden, Boston Common definitely has its unique charm. With its crazy New England weather, the public garden seriously looks different everyday. 
It has slowly become my routine that I'd make a travel post every weekend. With my semi-flexible work schedule, I try to travel as much as I can physically and emotionally. My parents always tell me its so worth it to travel and I remember we would use all our spare time going to the nearby countries when I grew up to experience something new even though they have been so busy and working literally all year around. Anyhoo ever since I have graduated from college last year I decided not to move back to my home country. I like living alone and have decided to stay at this so culturally rich place so called Boston to start my life. More importantly? My parents are proud of me being away haha. That works out quite right. I am in love with where I live. 

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