Jul 9, 2011

Baby Pink Lipgloss

If you went to middle school anywhere in Asia in early 2000s you would remember how popular this Japanese drugstore lipglosses were. Me included. With the price tag under US$2 each, BabyPink offers tons of shades from clear to nudes, pinks to reds. They are relatively hard to find in the US (sold in this website called Japanese Beauty Brands 3 tubes mix for $13.99 (Here) or $4.99 each (Here) but are widely available in Asia- well as far as I know most drugstores in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan have them. I stumbled upon the MakeUpAlley reviews (Here) and simply cannot believe they are listed on Makeup Alley and furthermore such good reviews these small cute tubes have up there. I thought I would share.

Make sure you grab a few of these when you are in Asia. They are very high quality and pigmented. Who can resist a small tube of high quality lipgloss with a cute baby face on it that doesn't damage the wallet?

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