Jul 10, 2011

California Trip - San Francisco Fog

A SF trip was totally unplanned during my trip to Cali. I mean, what else is new besides driving through Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street and Fisherman's Wharf... etc. It's not like there are real gold near the area we could dig. I wish I read my friend Mishi's post on Secrets of San Francisco earlier, this trip would be a lot more fun than barely visiting all the touristy places.

Oh well! At least the pictures look nice - and yes you won't see my face either because I had an allergic reaction after touching my friend's super adorable kitty Lotto in LA-___- How adorable is she? I guess all the swollenness was worth it wtf
Anyway to start off our trip we drove by this mysterious place that looks like Holland - except those cars should be tulips field.
Still wonder how people can live on slopes every time I come to SF. Wouldn't their X, Y, Z axis(axes?) be all messed up?
PPQ Dungeness Island 
2332 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94121
Getting crabs in SF is never a disappointment! The peppered crab is perfectly cooked with such flavourful moist meat. The Garlic Noodle which was highly recommended by yelpers and friends is alright though not bad for complementing the crab :) 

Leaving with watermelony stomaches, we decided to take a walk on Golden Gate Bridge. Of caz this ultra touristy spot is filled with my type of people... quite speechless but cannot be more amused by how cute they are sometimes. "Honey, post like Jacky Chan!" 
After that we have got to tame my friend's enormous appetite... Dude, its only been half and hour-_- We saw this place called "Quickly"... after 5 seconds we were like "Who named their store with an adverb (yea ESL reference)?" ... after 20 seconds were were like "Oh! its 快可立 kuai-ke-li in Mandarin.. Quickly! Er....." Biggest sweats dropped -_-""

We couldn't help but tried out what is on this cliché-est poster that has this very attractive Asian guy introducing this Egg Puffs (雞蛋仔) with this awesome Kung-Fu post. Could we? And as much as a joke we thought it would be, the egg puffs split itself into strings right after we locate it in the car... 
Enough cheesiness, back to our touristy business - 
Lombard Street
Fisherman's Wharf
Sunset in SF is always the prettiest though. No matter how tedious I sounded throughout this trip I still enjoy it a lot. Having been to all these places is all good, so that I can pay more attention to small details that I wouldn't have noticed if I was only here for the 1st time. Nice to see you again SF, you were the 1st I've ever met when I moved to this country 6 years ago. You are still as pretty as you used to be. 

Talking about allergies, another one just landed (my very 1st serious one actually) a couple days ago and now I am still in the middle of recovery. With my body itches and face swollen up like a volleyball, I further realize what normality is treasure to me. Who would have thought my round face could get this much rounder lol. Luckily after 2 full days of healing, I started to see my eyelids. It's like finding GG Bridge in foggy SF you know. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I will be posting and making videos full speed as soon as I look like a human again. Until then, take care!

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