Jul 30, 2011

Last Friday night...

...was one of my besties Tiffany's birthday and of course she deserves to have the best. Having been to Oishii 3 times, this was actually the very best one and only time that I believe worth blogging about (not the prices but the visuals of the food). Unlike those Chinese-owned Japanese restaurants, Oishii offers fine decorated Japanese cuisine that are edible wtf.

1166 Washington Street, 
Boston MA 02118

Food was amazing and cocktails were perfectly mixed. Knowing we were super unprepared, the chief (that you can actually spot on their website slideshow) even treated Tiffany a dessert for her birthday. It was an edible coconut shell ice cream that sinks out of nowhere haha. Ah we had a great time and more importantly,  Tiffany had a great time :D

Happy Birthday again sweetheart!

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