Jun 24, 2012

Review | Lush Seanik & Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo Bars

Ever since there a LUSH opened up at the station near my work place that makes the surrounding 100m square parameter constantly smell like LUSH, I couldn't help but remind myself my love for it. Sometimes there are reasons for products to be staples for a brand. And today, I would like to share a few LUSH staples that I am in total love with.

Ultimate Shine - targets Medium to dry hair.
As the name describes, Ultimate Shine makes the hair shiny after every wash. It forms up very well and is able to cleanse the hair keeping it refreshed without leaving a streaky feeling. It is my everyday shampoo and I love it.

"Essential oils make your hair shimmer, not the golden sparkles. We have fragrant ylang ylang oil to keep hair shiny and sensual; violet leaf to decongest your scalp and elemi oil to tone and calm your nerves, so you can shine socially, too. "

Seanik - targets medium to oily hair.
It has legit seaweed in it! That was what drew me to it at the beginning as Im a big seaweed fan. Oops, that sounds kinda strange. For a shampoo performance, seanik does not foam up as great as Ultimate Shine but it is such a great shampoo to give my hair a throughout cleanse once in awhile.

"Softening sea salt shampoo with jasmine, mimosa and orange blossom. Many of our planet’s most potent nutrients come from the deep blue sea. Lush has them brought ashore to create an ocean blue bar with protein-rich Irish moss seaweed, Japanese nori seaweed and sea salt to leave your hair soft and full of body. We added lemon oil for extra shine, and the exotic far eastern fragrance of mimosa and jasmine to bathe you in the heady scent of tropical flora."
Besides, they look so good together sitting in my bathroom together! With a random seashell it reminds me of Hawaii every time I look at them wtf.

Anything I should try from LUSH? I am still a newbie when it comes to LUSH so please do let me know! Hope you all are having a great weekend xoxo

Jun 17, 2012

Review | Sara Happ x Lane Crawford Limited Edition Sparkling Grape Lip Scrub

Made it to my favourite lip scrubs in 2011 (HERE), the lip slip is hands down the most moisturizing lip balm I have ever used. Sara Happ is famous for their lip scrubs as well as lip "gel" in a container - the lip slip. They have been raved about by so many Hollywood celebrities.  Of course I didn't just believe the hype at the first glance but ever since I purchased my first Lip Slip from Sara Happ many years ago, I have been obsessed with their products. 

With that being said, buying Sara Happ products in the US is undoubtedly a lot cheaper since the whole brand started in LA. However after years of fame, they have slowly migrated to other markets, and hello, even to Lane Crawford (department store in Hong Kong, website HERE).

How can I resist if it's claimed to be Sparkling Grape limited edition Sara Happ x Lane Crawford lip scrub?!
It is a sugary scrub with medium sized grains. What I usually do is to massage a generous amount onto the lips with a firm circular motion. The best thing I like about this scrub is that you just need to wipe away with a tissue. The next you notice is baby soft lips!

The taste of sparkling wine is just a gimmick but it totally sucked me it lol. Though to be really thankful I much more prefer spending the $30 on the lip slip. Its not a bad products but compared to so many awesome lip scrubs on the market (hello, lush? the body shop?), this is definitely not the winner.

Do you use any lip scrubs? Or home made any? If so, what do you recommend?

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Hope you all are having a fantastic fathers day weekend xoxo 

Jun 10, 2012

Current Favourite Asian Brand Lashes and Reviews

Please refer to the first chart for my favourite lashes :). As I explain in the video, I am definitely wearing lashes more these days and digging more of the spiky lashes than the seaweed (thick and dense) ones. This is the list of my favorite lashes, 

Princess Lee lashes no. 7 & no. 8 
They are very easy to apply, look natural on the eyes. Their bands are bandable but at the same time have a toughness to them so they stay put (think the cheap ones that often flips up after application). Like my to go eye shadow palette from Canmake (review HERE), princess lee lashes have been my to-go lashes for a good couple of years. 

No. 7 is shorter while 8 is longer. Yet they are both fluffy and not over the top long for my asian thick lidded eyes. They might be hard to find in the US. So if you are interested in buying them, check Sasa / Bonjour HK / Colormix or sellers on eBay. They are about US$10 for a box of 10 pairs. Below wearing 07 and 08 respectively.
Kiss Me lashes in no. 07
Full review and on me HERE

Dollywink Lashes no. 1 Dolly Sweet 
Full review and on me HERE

Dollywink Lashes no. 9 Natural Dolly
These are one of the new-er release of the Dolly Wink S/S 2012 collection, and as you can see, the designs and packagings Tsubasa designed are a lot more "natural" and less pink kawaii in your face. No. 9 is the most natural lashes compared to the ones in the new release I could find. The clear bands again do a wonderful job sticking to my lash line. They are of very high quality however they look extremely natural on my eyes. The clear bands are also hard to keep after 2 uses. For the price point I actually prefer lashes that are less delicate.

I found them for about US$15 at City Super / Log-On, as well as eBay.

Melliesh lashes in no. 2 and no. 3

These are the more spiky ones (very in this year in 2012!). Melliesh lashes are very easy to work with, very high quality yet affordable (2 pairs for US$5!). My best friend introduced this to me actually and sometimes what I do is to get two boxes and swape out one of the pairs in the box so we both have a mix of two styles. No. 2 is longer but less dense and no. 3 is shorter but with "thicker" bunch of bristles (can I even say that?) They both bring a dolly effect.

Or, if you are THAT lazy again, watch this video. Just kidding, no offense dude.

What are your favorite ones??

Jun 3, 2012

Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation Review | FOTD

This would probably be one of the most anticipated makeup reviews for the year. I know you might be thinking, yes it's only a foundation, but to me buying a new foundation is extremely rare. I currently own about 15 foundation/bb cream and it would probably take me 3 years just to use them up even if I were to wear base makeup every single day.

Armani’s latest foundation features ten shades of a smoothing and firming fluid foundation with SPF 20. 

Claims: Restores up to 10 years of luminosity, firms lines up to 87%, and firms skin by 73%. For 12 hours of lifting action.

The Invisible Face Lift
The Armani unique Micro-fil™ technology drapes the face with an ultrafine micro-lifting matrix. This elastic matrix seals in a high concentration of exclusive emollients and velvet filters that immediately lift, soften and firm the skin surface.

Lifting Colors
The new Armani glow: tailor-made with exclusive Prussian blue pearl pigment, giving intense depth and luminosity to revive skin and correct color irregularities, while relieving dullness. Soft focus effect creates a youthful glow.

Yes, to sum it up, the 3 things that I desired in my holy grail foundation -
1) SPF without the sunscreen feeling and white cast in photos
2) Dewy silky finish
3) Anti-aging properties

I had to pick this up. And do I like it? I absolutely do.
And I assume the following review will suffice,

Color Range |
Offers 9 different shades with 3 light, medium and dark respectively. Also a great range of pink as well as yellow undertone. It should not be difficult to find a great match for all skintone. For my MAC NC 25 skin, I picked out no. 4 which is the darkest color out of the "light" range, slightly more yellow tone than 5, the lightest tone in the medium range.

Texture |
Comes with a runny formula and apply like a balm, semi dewy silky finish leaning to the dewy side.

SPF | 
With its SPF 20, I do not notice the white cast in flash photography as much as other foundations such as with the Missha BB Creams (SPF 42+++ & SPF 25) or even Revlon Age Defying Foundation (SPF 20).

Coverage | 
Medium yet would let my freckles show through, can build up to full coverage if wanted.

Application - Lifting / Smoothing / Firming |
Do not notice a huge difference in terms of lifting or firming, it does provide a smooth canvas to the face.

Lasting Power / Oil Control |
About 5 hours, though keep in mind that I live with an extremely humid climate. I notice that the foundation start disappearing first off my combination T-zone area. It however does not turn patchy (which I call disappear-nicely foundation)

Price | US$65+tax
and its worth every penny if this foundation suits your skin type - normal, slightly oily and combination.

almost direct sunlight

Indoor light

Overall | 
I really like this foundation. First off its a foundation that I was exactly looking into; natural yet medium coverage with a dewy finish, contains anti-aging and properties that doesn't give crazy white cast in flash photos. Secondly it applies easily and blends out quickly, feels very comfortable on the skin (great plus!) and stays put. I wish it would last even longer but I guess 5 hours isn't so bad considering Hong Kong is extremely humid and I do mostly wear foundation in and out from air-conditioned and 75"f/25"c street temperature, then it just unnoticeably disappears throughout the day. 3 Thirdly it does smooth out my skin in seconds in a natural way, its very balmy formula allows my real skin to shine through. You can tell I have something on my skin but its not wiping the realness of my skin away. In my opinion it looks even more natural than most BB Creams I have tried. 4 It works really great with my combination skin and is exactly what I was looking for for a foundation that works great in both summers and winters. I highly recommend it.

Hope it isn't too boring! Hope you're having a great weekend and don't forget to add me on Instagram if you haven't already. You can use the grey instagram bubble on top or simple add me, my username is winnietsuii :)
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