May 13, 2012

Canmake Haul | Perfect Brown Eye Paletter 03, Cream Cheek 02, Marshmallow Pink, Pink Grapefruit Hand & Nail Cream

Quick Haul and reviews for some Canmake products that I purchased awhile back.

Perfect Brown Eye Paletter 03 - I love this palette okay, and I expect anyone would too if you liek bronzy warm browns. The palette contains a clear eyeshadow stick base with tiny shimmers (not that shimmery), highlight shimmery color, warm bronze slightly metallic medium brown and dark brown colors. The light color and base don't really show up on camera but the base is really good actually. A tad of it makes the colors appear that much better and last. The darker colors are just so gorgeous, easy to blend (think wetter Urban Decay eyeshadow). This is my everyday to-go palette. Retails: $12

Cream Cheek 02 - I don't own a lot of cream cheek colors but decided to pick up a pink one earlier for spring. The pigmentation is quite nice however personally don't think its a right pink for me (the most far I can go is probably coral pink). Maybe that would change when I get more tanned in summer? *fingers crossed*. Retails: $9
Nail Polish in Marshmallow Pink - Thought it would be quite cute from the bottle. The color payoff is horrible. I couldnt even get an opaque coat after 5 coats... extremely sheer alert (look at the picture). Retails: $7
Fragrance Nail & Hand Cream in Grapefruit - Smells AWESOME, does not do a thing to my hands. Skip it for sure. $8
Canmake website in English (HERE)

So overall I would probably recommend the eyeshadow palettes they have. They are great bang for the buck, and I will definitely get another one if not more. Hmmm perhaps one of those powder blushes that everyone pretty much raves about too. Have you tried anything from Canmake?

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