May 3, 2012

Shanghai | Third Time's the Charm

Just had an amazing time in Shanghai this past weekend. This city always, always has a piece of my heart and you have no idea how much I had missed it. Oh Shanghai, y u no keep me?

People say third time is a charm, I'd say Shanghai for the third time is THE charm. Unlike the first time around with tons of sightseeing and gazillions of places to hit, I simply shoot for a relaxing weekend just chilling with good friends and going to a few of my favourite spots of the city.

Tianzifang - An arts and crafts enclave developed from a renovated residential area in the French Concession to meet up with a friend for coffee and visiting his artsy Shanghai apartment. Xuanmin Jin's studio is also there if you are into Shanghai street photography. I personally adore his work.

M1NT - One of the best restaurants for sure. I could swallow 2 of those tuna steaks if I weren't so jet legged. The view of the roof top is amazing too (above, right)

Brown Sugar - Pub in Xintiandi that has the best live band with great drinks. Always perfect to start the night at. Numerous of fun nights acquired. 

Bar Rouge - Favourite Bar in the entire world okay with the most gorgeous view overlooking the Bund. Pretty much where we spent most nights back in 2009. Great music and crowd, and super syrupy strawberry mojitos that I love.

I am done typing for the day, just gonna post pictures so you can see - Enjoy :)
Haha sleep tight at Bar Rough. Super jet lag actually me too. Just the perfect amount of festivities I could barely handle lol.

Update: I have relocated to Hong Kong now. Yes I am back to my root! Now that I am 645383466845720 miles closer to Shanghai, I will be sure to go much more often.

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