May 27, 2012

Sleek I-divide Primer Palette 600 Review

Awhile back Cathy sent me this palette because haha I had never tried anything from Sleek Makeup before. I have heard many good things about their eyeshadow palettes but I thought I had enough eyeshadow as not much of a daily eyeshadow user - despite my recent obsession on the Canmake Perfect Brown Eye Palette (Review HERE). I was given this new primer palette to try :)

First off I wanted to say the color payoff is amazing. As you can see the swipes are very vibrant and show up really "smoothly" on the skin. If I were to compare, the darker colors still show a little better than the lighter ones. They are great as bases and provide a good range of options to layer underneath many shades of shadows.

Secondly unfortunately I have to state a con of this palette. The staying power isn't as great and they do crease on my lids. Keep in mind that my lids aren't even oily to begin with, it is a rather bad formulated primer palette.

I have owned it for a few months and would only use it for piling shadows on top for smokey looks, ala knowing that I will only be out for a few hours. It's too bad because the colors would be of great use if they lasted longer.

P.S. the little plastic card with names of the actual primer is wrong.... it took me at least 10 minutes to figure out what name belongs to what color wtf.

You can check out the palette or other cosmetis from the Sleek Makeup website HERE.

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