Nov 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in Montreal Day 2

Its not my 1st time to Notre Dame Basilica but I figured $5 a pop to look at this beauty on a windy freezing day surrounded by candles and beautiful stained glass windows. Why the heck not, right? We didn't stay here for that long because we needed our brunch!
Restaurant L'avenue
922 Av Du Mount-Royal E
Montreal, QC H2J 1X2
Love hanging out with my little bro - he always captures the goofy me. Perhaps too much in-my-room camwhoring and dont know how to post, I realized I am actually quite shy in front of real cameras wtf. 
Anyway the food was pretty good... taking the servings into account, the food was pretty damn good! Big servings always have an instant boost to the satisfaction even if the food tastes like rubber wtf. 
Nah just kidding but the bathroom was so cool I had to pretend to go again just to take a few pictures. I was tempted to go into the guy one to see if they were different but I didn't want to smell anything bad and had to stay there puking the wholesome amount of food I ate while looking at the glow in the dark paint wtf. So we went to get macaroons down the street (more like I forced him to...)
Point G Macarons
1266 Av Du Mount-Royal Est
Montreal, H2J 1Y3

Nom nom nom. It has slowly becomes my routine to bring home macarons no matter where I go. Point G macarons are softer than the ones from the Macarons Cafe from NYC (you can read from my post HERE) They are still pretty good in my opinion. Next stop? Laduree! If you have other macarons recommendations, please send them along the way! 

Thanks so much for reading. I have posted a few new videos on my youtube channel so feel free to check them out. You can simply click on the youtube button on the right column :) Hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving as well!

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