Oct 23, 2011

weekend brunches never get old

Wandering around the lower East side to find some good eats has spontaneously become one of my favourite things to do in new york. Yes! Screw the night life and up early (sorta.) - my schedule fits perfectly with my heavily jet-lagged sister (She is not my blood sister but that's how I refer her as you know if you read my blog long enough:P). She craved french toasts, I was dying to get some benedict. What else is more perfect with a outdoory brunch on a gorgeous fall saturday morning with simple makeup -

Chanel Vitalumere Aqua in B10, Chanel soft touch eyeshadow in 69 black star, a dash of mac Melba blusher, only camex on lips.

Ha seeing my baby FIT in the background too! I never realized how easy it is to park in new york on weekends. Everywhere are commercial parkings only on weekdays, alas you can pretty much park wherever you want for free on weekends. I am definitely going to go there more often since now my parking issue has been straightened out. 

We drove further up near central park I finally went to the Macaron Cafe for the 1st time after millions of visits to the city-_-. They are so yummy! I am sure they're not the best in the entire world but I am happy as a pig. As my first time buying fresh macarons from a shop, a box of 12 is a must :) I highly recommend the tea and flower flavours. As I am writing this, the whole box is already gone.

Hope you're all enjoying the fall weather! New videos and reviews will be posted soon.

Oct 16, 2011

Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume on - Review and swatches

Adoring simple and natural makeup, I however always need that extra boost for my lashes given the fact that they weren't the best to work with. Over the years, I have fallen in love with Japanese mascaras because they are made best for our short and pointing straight down thin lashes.

I picked up the Lash Enamel Glamour Volumn on mascara which is Majolica Majorca's newest release and so far I am loving it!

The wand (above!) is double sided with thicker and thinner "spikes" for volumzing and separating lashes. I use the thinner side first to give my lashes a nice even coat, then go in with the thicker side to make that extra volume boost at the roots. Here are my "swatches":

Bare curled lashes
1 coat
2 coats
3 coats (a little overkilled I think)
Bottom view - 
B+ in lengthening. Outer corner is still hard to be reached. 
A- medium fiber. It's definitely buildable, however it crumbs after 2 coats. 

No doubt that Majolica Majorca is my favourite brand for mascaras for many years. Over the years they have build a pretty solid product line and here are the few I've owned -  
Left to Right- 
Lash Gorgeous Wing (very 1st generation MJ mascara, sucks and does nothing to my lashes)
Hope my Lashes are Full and Smooth (Lengthening & Separating)
Lash Expander Frame Plus (Volumizing and Lengthening, read my review Here!)
Lash Enamel Glamour Volumn on (Volumizing, though really not bad for lengthening)

Despite the strangest names for mascaras, they really are the best I've used. promise I will do a more throughout review -  Their products are of best quality, water-proof, affordable (if you get them from Asia) and work wonders for Asian lashes. I can't imagine how much of a wow effect it would give for people who already have long and thick lashes! 

Oct 2, 2011

Shanghai Tang

Boring life, I wish I lived in a city that is 24/7 inspirational. As times like these, super busy at work M-F, experiencing caffeine withdrawal on weekends, I don't really have the strength to drain my brain even more on a beauty product review. I miss Shanghai, I really missing living there and being inspired no matter where we go.

Day to night-  Traditional to modern-  I love Shanghai and miss every minute living there. The city is so energetic yet a great balance between traditional Beijing and busy as hell my home Hong Kong.  Furthermore, the reason why I miss it so much is because it rarely is one of the few places that I truly felt content living in. The history, the local people, the vivid compliment of skyscrapers and old streets, the comparison between old and new Shanghai lifestyle. I love stalling around the city and casually be inspired. I am already planning to move my ass there once I am jobless lol. I know a few pictures cannot conclude all my feelings but I'd like to share my love for it with all of you.

日與夜-  傳統與現代- 我真的很愛上海也想念住在上海的每一分每一秒。整個城市永遠充滿活力,但同時是傳統北京和繁華香港一個很好的平衡。喜歡沒事走上街頭輕鬆找靈感,她是我少數住過讓我心靈時常感覺充實的一個地方,她的歷史,民居,高樓大廈與舊街強烈的映襯,新舊生活品味的對比,都是讓我想念她的原因。希望不久的將來有機會搬過去生活吧!

上海,很快我們會再見的 , my beloved city!
P.S. Check out my bestie's blog at http://teditsuruda.tumblr.com

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